SoftNAS for Data Center Migrations

CMG Financial uses Buurst SoftNAS for their data center migrations


Moving & Scaling In The Cloud with SoftNAS – CMG

Jerry Nihen, Senior Systems Engineer at CMG Financial, talks about the importance of being able to move and scale in the cloud and how SoftNAS enables them to embrace new technologies both in their VMware and within the cloud.


How Important Is High Availability – CMG

Jerry Nihen, Senior Systems Engineer at CMG Financial, talks about how important High Availability is to them supporting their clients and how SoftNAS provides benefits not available in other traditional solutions.


CMG Financial needed to build a migration path to migrate their current data centers to the cloud. Their mission-critical data centers have strict uptime SLA’s that were not achievable in the cloud. CMG Financial also needed to keep cloud costs under control.

Why SoftNAS for data center migrations

Buurst SoftNAS provides a virtual NAS to meet the needs of CMG Financial

  • Run SoftNAS on-premises with VMware and on-cloud with AWS and Azure
  • Built-in cloud migration tools
  • Provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee for cloud storage
  • Maintain cloud storage cost control with deduplication, compression, and tiering


With Buurst SoftNAS, CMG Financial can now deliver a cloud-ready data center that can lift & shift an entire data center or move mission-critical services to the cloud while maintaining their uptime SLA’s and their costs under control.

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“SoftNAS was a good fit for us because while we’re on-premises, we wanted something that was performant, flexible, and scalable… and lend themselves to being moved and implemented in the cloud.”

Jerry Nihen, Senior Systems Engineer, CMG Financial