Virtual Desktop Performance

Boost Virtual Desktop Performance with SoftNAS.

Prioritize User Experience for Increased Productivity in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Desktop Performance

Boost Virtual Desktop Performance with SoftNAS.

Prioritize User Experience for Increased Productivity in a Virtual Environment

Deliver On-Premises Performance for Virtual Desktops  

SoftNAS and public clouds offer a compelling solution for IT organizations looking to meet the high expectations for end-user satisfaction in a virtual environment, especially as many workers are now working remotely from the office with less bandwidth than commonly found in a controlled office environment.

  • Cloud-based Desktops – Moving the back end from internal IT infrastructure to public clouds enables relocation of the desktop to a cloud region nearest the users
  • Business Applications – Co-location of the business applications to the same location of the cloud-based desktop significantly reduces latency and overheard
  • Cloud Performance – Running on state-of-the-art cloud hardware built for massive scale with sizable transmission lines
  • Cloud-based Services – Run desktops and business apps on same cloud hardware (e.g. Teams, Office365, Web Apps)
  • Data – SoftNAS manages data flows outside the virtual desktop environment for security and performance benefits

User Acceptance of Virtual Desktop Performance 

Virtual desktop deployments are primarily measured by the user experience of running apps locally and the responsiveness of the service to user input. Achieving high user satisfaction is critical for a successful VDI deployment. SoftNAS Cloud NAS provides essential features to meet user expectations  

SoftNAS allows the use of NFS and CIFs/SMB protocol

User Data Integration

Securely migrate local user data  

  • Built-in Lift & Shift for secure, remote, tracked data upload 
    save as much as 80% on your storage expenses.

    Data Storage Fees

    Minimize expenses with block storage  

    • Compression, & Deduplication
        SoftNAS data compression

        User Profiles

        Enable persistent virtual desktops 

        • Prioritize user preferences for better experience
            Lift and Shift migration

            Data Performance

            Overcome latency with high performance data storage  

            • Accelerate data with customized management  
                HPC container workloads

                Load Management

                Scale to meet increased demand  

                • Manage storage needs based on usage  

                  SoftNAS Cost and Performance
                  for Virtual Desktops 

                   Increase LOB application performance

                  Storage Management

                  Manage the complete VDI storage environment in block storage for SSD, HHD and cold storage making data highly available and accessible at a reduced cost

                  Data Management

                  Manage data storage usage by eliminating 50 – 80% of data with compression, deduplication, and block by block redundancies

                  Data Compression

                  Support major protocols including iSCSI, CIFs/SMB and NFS  

                  SoftNAS Use Cases

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                  Use Profile Management for VDI: Persistence

                  • Persistent VD with Non-persistent VD performance  
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                  Data and Application On-Prem to Cloud Migration

                  • Simplify VDI setup with Lift & Ship data migration built-in 
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                  VDI Load Scaling for Peak Usage

                  • Deliver a seamless user experience regardless of number of users running 
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                  User Experience and Latency

                  • Minimize latency for maximum user experience  

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