BuurstTM SoftNAS® 

Storage Management Platform

Buurst SoftNAS is an enterprise virtual software NAS available for AWS, Azure, and VMware.

BuurstTM SoftNAS® 

Storage Management Platform

Buurst SoftNAS is an enterprise virtual software NAS available for AWS, Azure, and VMware.

SoftNAS 5 Available

Why SoftNAS?

You need to control your data. Data growth at the Petabyte scale is becoming the norm. Keeping data secure and highly available, and accessible is critical for business success. You need ready access to your data without delay and without downtime, whether your data is on-prem, migrating to the cloud, or in the cloud. Can your current solution meet these data challenges? Buurst SoftNAS is built to meet all these requirements.

Increased data growth means hosting data will become exponentially more expensive. Most providers charge based on data capacity and bandwidth, further increasing your cost. SoftNAS Cloud NAS offers the right blend of price and performance for each workload and application in the cloud. Save up to 80% in cloud storage fees by paying on performance requirements and not on data capacity or bandwidth.

What is SoftNAS?

SoftNAS provides NAS features in the cloud with a virtual software appliance for AWS, Azure, and VMware. Additionally, SoftNAS provides:  

  • Enterprise-class high availability with 99.999% uptime
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Control data at Petabyte scale
  • Major protocol support including ISCSI, CIFs/SMB, and NFS

SoftNAS offers additional built-in features to help solve challenges beyond storing data in the cloud. Lift and shift migration allows for bulk data migration from on-prem to the cloud with patented high latency network transfer capabilities.

Enterprise-grade cloud NAS

View our datasheet to learn more about SoftNAS Cloud NAS

SoftNAS Features

SoftNAS can increase cloud application performance with 23x faster throughput, 18x better IOPs, and 24x less latency than other cloud storage solutions.

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Cost Management

Save 30-80% by reducing amount of data to store  

  • Enable Block Storage
  • Data Deduplication & Compression
  • SmartTiers (Fast to Slow Block Storage)
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Increase data performance without expanding storage required 

  • Multiple Storage Types 
  • Striping Disk 
  • Private Storage  
    SoftNAS data compression


    Patented solution backed by a No Storage Downtime Guarantee SLA

    • Data Duplication across Zones 
    • Cross Zone HA with Automatic Failover 
    • 99.999% uptime  
      Lift and Shift migration

      Data Migration

      Built to manage bulk data movement up to 200% faster even over noisy networks

      • Point & Click File Sync   
      • Lift & Shift Migration  
      • SnapReplicate for bulk block-based replication  
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        Control & Security

        Supporting major protocols including iSCSI, CIFs/SMB, and NFS

        • Snapshots and Rollbacks 
        • 2-Factor Authentication  
        • Large-scale Windows Filer & NFS Server  

        “SoftNAS has an elegant solution and makes a customer’s life easy. The reliability that SoftNAS products offer, means customers don’t have to get in and mess around with it – saving valuable time and precious resources.”

        Rudy Pataro, Founder, MagHub

        Lift and Shift:
        5 Minute Demo

        Watch the overview video of SoftNAS migration of data from an on-premise file server to the cloud.

        (captions available in English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish (Latin), and Portuguese (Brazilian))

        Deploy Anywhere

        SoftNAS is platform independent allowing the freedom and flexibility to configure your storage platform to your organization’s needs.