SoftNAS® Cloud NAS on Microsoft Azure

Build your next Azure NAS storage solution with SoftNAS performance and cost-savings data management.

SoftNAS is the most powerful and full-featured Cloud NAS on Microsoft Azure that extends native Azure block and object storage. SoftNAS cloud-based storage solution available in Azure can provide best-in-class cloud-based NAS services over NFS and SMB/ CIFS for your workloads.

Why SoftNAS Azure NAS Storage?

Proven NAS solution for the Azure platform with over 9 years of availability.

SoftNAS Virtual NAS Appliance offers Microsoft Azure customers an enterprise-ready NAS capable of managing your fast-growing data storage challenges. Dedicated features from SoftNAS deliver significant cost savings, high availability, lift and shift data migration, and a variety of security protection.

    Expand Azure Storage Efficiency with SoftNAS

     SoftNAS provides enterprise-level cloud NAS featuring data performance, security, high availability (HA), and support for the most extensive set of storage protocols in the industry: NFS, CIFS/SMB-AD, iSCSI.

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    Cost Management

    Save 30-80% by reducing the amount of data to store 

    • Enable Block Storage  
    • Data Deduplication & Compression 
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    Increase data performance without expanding storage required  

    • Multiple Storage Types 
    • Striping Disk 
    • Private Storage  
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      Control & Security

      Supporting major protocols: iSCSI, CIFs/SMB, and NFS 

      • Snapshots and Rollbacks 
      • Large-scale Windows Filer & NFS Server  

      SoftNAS is designed to support a variety of market verticals, use cases, and workload types. Increasingly, SoftNAS deployed on the Azure platform to enable block and file storage services through Common Internet File System (CIFS), NFS, AFP, and iSCSI. 

      SoftNAS is a software-defined NAS delivered as a virtual appliance running within Azure Computing Service. It provides NAS capabilities suitable for the enterprise, including high availability utilizing Azure availability sets with automatic failover in the Azure cloud storage . SoftNAS runs within your Microsoft Azure account, offers business-critical data protection required for non-stop operation of applications, websites, and IT infrastructure. 

      Enterprise-Grade Cloud-based Azure NAS Storage

      You Need:

      • To migrate your applications to Azure with NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI, or AFP support
      • To protect business data in your own data center or in the cloud with no downtime, outages, or data loss
      • Simple yet powerful storage software running on Microsoft Azure
      • No training or specialized storage skills required
      • On-demand, flexible, and agile storage options
      • To reduce storage space requirements and associated costs
      • To increase application performance and processing speeds
      • APIs and flexible open architecture, so your data doesn’t get locked-in

      As a virtual NAS appliance, SoftNAS Microsoft Azure NAS filer eliminates expensive on-premise storage, unlike traditional legacy NAS appliances. Additionally, the hourly pricing model of the Azure Marketplace allows customers to scale up or scale-down storage capacity based on need, without any high up-front costs.

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      Deploy SoftNAS on Azure

      Get started today on the Azure Marketplace taking advantage of our SoftNS Azure NAS Installation Guide and Tutorial Video Series. 

      SoftNAS on Azure Installation Guide

      Step by step instructions to setup a POC and configure in your Azure environment

      Azure Marketplace

      Try SoftNAS directly from the Azure Marketplace.  

      SoftNAS on Azure Tutorial Videos

      Watch step by step instructional videos to deploy a SoftNAS instance on Azure  


      Watch this 5 Minutes Demo of SoftNAS on Azure.

      SoftNAS can increase cloud application performance with 23x faster throughput, 18x better IOPs, and 24x less latency than other cloud storage solutionsAre you migrating legacy applications to the cloud? Need to keep costs under control? Let us show you how. 

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