SoftNAS® on VMware

VMware vSphere NAS – Optimize your deployment with additional storage benefits from SoftNAS.  

SoftNAS® on VMware

Optimize your deployment with additional storage benefits from SoftNAS  

Why SoftNAS on VMware?

SoftNAS complements VMware virtual with an extensive NAS feature set, combined with the unified storage access via NFS, CIFS/SMB, with Active Directory integration. SoftNAS extends the VMware environment to include highly durable Amazon S3 cloud storage, with additional petabytes of secure off-site cloud storage. 

SoftNAS runs as a virtual appliance on VMware ESX and the SoftNAS VM is allocated clustered storage from. Storage volumes are allocated from storage pools and shared as NFS exports and VIDS/SMD shared. Integration with Active Directory provides authentication and authorization features. 

Expand VMware with SoftNAS

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Cost Management

Save 30-80% by reducing amount of data to store  

  • Enable Block Storage  
  • Data Deduplication & Compression 
  • SmartTiers (Fast to Slow Block Storage)  
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Increase data performance without expanding storage required  

  • Multiple Storage Types 
  • Striping Disk 
  • Private Storage  
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    Control & Security

    Supporting major protocols including iSCSI, CIFs/SMB, and NFS 

    • Snapshots and Rollbacks 
    • 2-Factor Authentication  
    • Large-scale Windows Filer & NFS Server  

    Buurst offers SoftNAS Free Trial on VMware

    Use this simple, step-by-step checklist to set up and configure the SoftNAS instance on VMware.

    • Login to your VMware vSphere client with your credentials. 
    • Download the SoftNAS OVA and save it to the host it will be installed on 
    • Login to your vSphere client and select the ESXi that you will be using. Click “File” from the navigation bar and then “Deploy OVF Template.” Click “Browse” to locate the SoftNAS OVF and select it. 
    • Click “Next,” then select “Next” again on OVF Template Details. Select the host you want to deploy on and select “Next.” Select a resource pool and then click “Next.” 
    • Select your destination storage and click “Next.” Select a disk format and click “Next.” Select a network for your VM to use. 
    • Click “Finish.” The SoftNAS VM will be deployed after a short interval.

    Download OVA

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    SoftNAS was a good fit for us because while we’re on-premises, we wanted something that was performant, flexible, and scalable… and lend themselves to being moved and implemented in the cloud.”

    Jerry Nihen, Sr Systems Engineer, CMG Financial

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    Deploy SoftNAS on VMware

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