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Looking for the support login page?

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Release Notes

Check out our latest product updates and release notes for modifications, fixes, and new features.

CloudFormation Templates

Launch SoftNAS using one of our  CloudFormation templates for a single instance or a high availability pair

Knowledge Base

View documentation to get an understanding of basics, best practices, security and more.


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Buurst Support Availability

Buurst provides support for all customers to ensure a high level of product satisfaction as well as performance. All customers have access to our online support infrastructure including our knowledge base, product documentation, video tutorials, product release notes, and FAQ. Content is regularly updated on all these sites to provide the latest information on our product upgrades, new features, and best practices.

Buurst GOLD Support

For customers requiring direct Buurst technical engagement we offer a Buurst Gold package that includes a web ticketing system and telephone support team. This Gold support package is 24 x 7 x 365 with a maximum response time within 1 hour for telephone and immediate for web tickets.

Standard Support Gold Support
Software Updates Maintenance and feature updates Maintenance and feature updates
Phone Support 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday 24 x 7 x 365
Online Support Access to online knowledge base Access to online knowledge base and case management
Phone Response time 3 – 4 Hours+ 1 hour initial response, priority queue
Web Case & Email support Yes Priority response
Qualification Product subscription Add-on support contract and product registration
Support Contract/Annual Support Fee Not available Annual support contract for other subscriptions

Fuusion Documentation


Fuusion Best Practices

Customer will:

  • Use industry-standard security best practices for configuration of Fuusion and all network connections between Fuusion nodes and data ingested or egressed from Fuusion
  • Make its own best efforts to migrate, copy, back up, move or otherwise protect its data (beyond the normal services provided by Fuusion) for data storage outside of Fuusion that is ingested or egressed by Fuusion
  • Adopt industry best practices for data backup and system restoration
  • Use industry standards to set up a resilient deployment to the capabilities of the Fuusion product to maintain uptime
  • Validate and test the Product (including any customization or custom modules of the Product) in a test environment to determine its suitability, compatibility, and appropriateness for a sufficient period of time and under appropriate conditions for production deployment prior to accepting or using the Product in production

Customer will not:

  • Make any unauthorized or non-standard modifications of the flow or other system settings in Fuusion that can impact the resiliency or stability of Fuusion

For more information on Fuusion Best Practices, please see the links below:

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