About Buurst

A Data Performance Company

At Buurst, we seek to disrupt traditional storage solutions by not selling you more storage.

Buurster Culture

Our global team of Buursters builds high-performance storage technologies for the cloud and the edge in a primarily remote organization. The success of Buurst comes from the commitment of all employees to embrace our company culture which is designed to bring people together, regardless of location.


A Data Performance Company

At Buurst, we’re thinking about your data differently, so you can continue to grow and move your business forward. You need to move fast, and so does your data. Our nimble, cost-effective data migration and performance management solution opens new opportunities and capabilities that continually prepare you for success. Get all the tools you need, so day one happens faster, and you can be amazing on day two, month two, and even year two. We make your cloud decisions work for you – and that means providing you with data control, data performance, cost-management with storage security.


Buurst’s Story

Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, was founded in 2012 by Rick Braddy. At the time, Rick was a disgruntled storage customer himself, fed up with traditional on-premise storage and the high costs associated with it.  Rick saw a gap that needed to be filled with his client’s infrastructures. With an ambitious goal to make high performance data storage affordable, Braddy set out to fulfill the need for a storage software subscription model on the cloud.


Buurst’s SoftNAS Awards

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The Most Powerful Women Of The Channel 2021: Power 100 - Maeve Naughton

Where we’re located

Buurst brings together talent, skill, and innovation from all over the world so we can better serve you.

Core Buurst Principles

Customer and Partner Empathy

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Always Learning and Always Teaching

Lead by Example and Be Accountable

Diversity and Inclusion

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Buurst is here to serve you. Let us answer any questions to help you start saving on storage costs today.