Cloud Storage Solutions

Building Impactful Cloud Storage Solutions with Buurst

Buurst technology adds value to common enterprise cloud storage solutions with enhanced performance while lowering cloud fees with innovative data management.

VDI and Cloud Desktops at Full Speed

  • Cloud desktops delivered in the cloud region nearest the user, providing the best user experience increasing productivity and satisfaction
  • Migrated LOB applications running next to the cloud desktop lowers latency and increased speed. Users get better than PC performance because they are accessing data center class hardware
  • No Form Factor Limitations
  • On-prem application traffic flows through high performance Azure backbone
  • Teams, O365, etc., run on the same high-performance Azure backbone as your desktops
  • No data flows through virtual desktop (better for security and performance)
  • LOB web applications running next to the desktop

Cloud Storage Solutions for SaaS

Performance and cost are important to consider when building a cloud storage solution for SaaS. Your goal is to develop a cloud storage solution that is highly scalable, highly available, and efficient.

Buurst SoftNAS is designed with high performance and cost in mind. It connects to your managed service provider storage so that you can easily harness the capacity of cloud storage without the bottlenecks.

SAP HANA Storage Solutions

SoftNAS helps to improve the time to value for an SAP HANA implementation and reduce risk and costs.

Because SoftNAS can provide more capacity than required for HANA, scalability depends on several factors, including:

  • Array cache size
  • Array performance
  • Array bandwidth, throughput, and latency
  • HANA host connectivity to the array
  • Storage configuration for the HANA persistence

SQL Storage Solutions

SoftNAS Storage Appliance systems have a storage architecture that automatically optimizes their use of DRAM, flash cache, and disk accesses to provide a highly flexible platform on which businesses can host their databases, mail systems, and virtual desktop infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective way.

By providing features such as on-disk compression, encryption, and thin provisioning, SoftNAS Storage Appliance systems play a key role in supporting business processes and policies so you can simplify your storage infrastructure while maintaining the same or greater level of functionality, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency. That high efficiency can be maintained by following the best practices described in this paper when you configure a Microsoft SQL Server and a SoftNAS Storage Appliance system for deployment.

High Availability

Snap HA is for customers who need 5-9’s availability to replicate data from a primary node to the secondary node in an HA pair. SoftNAS’ unique, patented high-availability technology, enabling only SoftNAS to provide a No Downtime Guarantee SLA for its customer’s peace of mind in the cloud.

SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability delivers a low-cost, low complexity solution for high-availability clustering that is easy to deploy and manage. A robust set of HA capabilities protect against data center, availability zone, server, network, and storage subsystem failures to keep business running without downtime. SNAP HA for Amazon Web Services (AWS) includes patent-pending Elastic HA™ technology, providing NAS clients in any availability zone uninterrupted HA access to the storage cluster across availability zones.

SoftNAS Cloud Storage Solutions