SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability

Making Data Available 24×7

SNAP HA works hand in hand with SoftNAS Cloud NAS data protection features, including RAID, and automatic error detection and recovery, and as a result, reduces operational costs and boosts storage efficiency.

CMG Financial on High Availability

Jerry Nihen, Senior Systems Engineer at CMG Financial on the key SoftNAS HA benefits over traditional file system HA solutions.

SNAP HA High Availability

SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability delivers the availability required by mission-critical applications running in virtual machines and cloud computing environments, independent of the operating system and application running on it. HA provides uniform, cost-effective failover protection against hardware and operating system outages within virtualized IT and cloud computing environments. SNAP HA:


  • Monitors SoftNAS storage servers to detect hardware and storage system failures 
  • Automatically detects network and storage outages and re-routes NAS services to keep NFS and Windows servers and clients operational 
  • Restarts SoftNAS storage services on other hosts in the cluster without manual intervention when a storage outage is detected 
  • Reduces application and IT infrastructure downtime by quickly switching NAS clients over to another storage server when an outage is detected 
  • Maintains a fully replicated copy of live production data for disaster recovery for block storage 
  • Is quick and easy to install by any IT administrator, with just a few mouse clicks using the automatic setup wizard 


Two availability zone solutions offer 99.999% HA with 2 SoftNAS controllers replicating the data into block storage in both availability zones. A single IP address called a Virtual IP (VIP) routes the client traffic to the current Primary SoftNAS controller. The Primary controller replicates data changes to the Secondary controller, which runs in a separate zone with its copy of the block storage.  

High Availability99.999%
SoftNAS2 Controllers
StorageTwo sets of redundant RAID storage
Availability ZonesTwo zones
Replicate across availability zonesYes
Virtual IP (VIP)Yes

A Complete solution for Highly Available Storage

Enterprise-Grade High-Availability with Low Complexity and Low Cost

SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability delivers a low-cost, low complexity solution for high-availability clustering that is easy to deploy and manage. A robust set of HA capabilities protect against data center, availability zone, server, network, and storage subsystem failures to keep business running without downtime. SNAP HA for Amazon Web Services (AWS) includes patent-pending Elastic HA™ technology, providing NAS clients in any availability zone uninterrupted HA access to the storage cluster across availability zones.

SNAP HA monitors all critical storage components, ensuring they remain operational, and when there is an unrecoverable failure in a system component, another storage controller detects the problem and automatically takes over, ensuring no downtime or business impacts occur

HA Availability  

Obtain SoftNAS Snap HA on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. A BYOL license for VMware is available.

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SoftNAS SNAP HA – High-Availability Solution

Buurst’s SoftNAS Snap HA is for customers who need 5-9’s availability. SNAP HA uses SnapReplicate™ to replicate data from a primary node to the secondary node in an HA pair. Snap HA uses a virtual IP (VIP) address to ensure clients maintain connectivity to the NAS data after failover.

SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability

SoftNAS nodes are in different availability zones in the public cloud or a VMware fault-tolerant configuration. Automatic failover monitors the health of underlying storage, the ZFS filesystem, and network conditions, carefully managing the cluster to ensure applications and workloads remain highly available, even in the face of underlying cloud platform host, storage, or network failures. SoftNAS’ unique, patented high-availability technology, enables only SoftNAS to provide a No Downtime Guarantee SLA for its customer’s peace of mind in the cloud.

“It takes weeks and months for us to provision storage on our local private SAN. Using SoftNAS, it can happen in a matter of minutes to get any amount of storage we need.”

– Keith Son, Director of Infrastructure, Greater New York City Area – Broadcast Media