SoftNAS® Cloud NAS on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Extend your AWS deployment with SoftNAS Cloud NAS Storage Solution!

SoftNAS is an AMI launched via the AWS Marketplace or AWS console that delivers on-demand, enterprise-grade AWS NAS capabilities. With just a few clicks, the SoftNAS Cloud NAS AMI can be launched and operational within your AWS account.

SoftNAS Cloud NAS extends support to AWS Outposts. 

Why SoftNAS AWS NAS Storage?

Proven NAS solution for the AWS platform with over 9 years of availability.

SoftNAS is a software-defined NAS filer delivered as a virtual appliance running within Amazon EC2. Provides NAS capabilities suitable for enterprise storage, including Multi-Availability Zone high availability with automatic failover in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

SoftNAS offers AWS customers an enterprise-ready NAS capable of managing your fast-growing data storage challenges including AWS Outpost availability. Dedicated features from SoftNAS deliver significant cost savings, high availability, lift and shift data migration, and a variety of security protection. 

Expand AWS Storage Efficiency with SoftNAS

SoftNAS provides enterprise-level cloud NAS featuring data performance, security, high availability (HA), and support for the most extensive set of storage protocols in the industry: NFS, CIFS/SMB-AD, iSCSI.

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Cost Management

Save 30-80% by reducing the amount of data to store

  • Enable Block Storage  
  • Data Deduplication & Compression 
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Increase data performance without expanding storage required  

  • Multiple Storage Types 
  • Striping Disk 
  • Private Storage  
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    Control & Security

    Supporting major protocols including iSCSI, CIFs/SMB, and NFS 

    • Snapshots and Rollbacks 
    • Large-scale Windows Filer & NFS Server  

    SoftNAS is designed to support a variety of market verticals, use cases, and workload types. Increasingly, SoftNAS NAS deployed on the AWS platform to enable block and file storage services through Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS), Apple File Protocol (AFP), and Internet Small Computer System Interface (SCSI).  

    SoftNAS provides NAS capabilities suitable for the enterprise, including Multi-Availability Zone high availability with automatic failover in the AWS Cloud. It runs within the customer’s AWS account and offers business-critical data protection required for the nonstop operation of applications, websites, and IT infrastructure on AWS. 

    SoftNAS on AWS:
    5 Minute Demo

    Watch the SoftNAS on AWS Demo

    (captions available in English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish (Latin), and Portuguese (Brazilian))

    A Better Way to Store & Control Your Data With AWS NAS Storage Solution.

    Moving to SoftNAS Virtual NAS Appliance on AWS is helping thousands of public organizations and private enterprises around the world move from the old way of controlling and efficiently utilizing data storage into a new and better way. Never-ending backups, storage capacity bottlenecks, the proliferation of file servers, existing applications preventing organizations from moving to the cloud due to complexity, and the spiraling data storage costs become a thing of the past.

    Enterprise-grade AWS NAS Solutions, with NVMe, SSD, and HDD block storage performance.

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    Why are organizations using SoftNAS on AWS?

    With SoftNAS on AWS, you’re not paying for storage capacity. SoftNAS enables you to apply the configuration variables you need to get the maximum performance and control for petabytes of data on AWS. An intuitive HTML5-based admin GUI with dashboards helps monitor and manage disk space, shares, and other granular controls with an administrator applet to configure monitoring alert thresholds, login session timeout, and logging levels.

    Choose AWS with SoftNAS when:

    • You want to maintain control of your data
    • Reduce the cost of cloud storage by:
      – Using low-cost/high-performance block storage
      – Enable deduplication, compression
    • Increase performance for your cloud applications with faster storage
    • Need 99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
    • Support Windows and Linux for the same storage pools

    With SoftNAS on AWS, you have control over your data. You can reduce the cost of your storage to keep your controller happy. You determine the performance to give users and applications the best cloud experience possible. You decide the availability to meet your SLAs. You control the security of Admins, applications, and users, to maintain a high level of compliance.

    Buurst is here to ensure you get the most out of your investment in AWS.

    This video shows how to check the performance of a SoftNAS Virtual NAS Appliance on AWS

    Checking Performance of a SoftNAS Virtual NAS Appliance on AWS

    The support engineer shows how to use various Linux-based tools like SAR, top, iotop to look at various performance aspects while applying a workload using Flexible I/O (fio). He also goes over using CloudWatch to see statistics from the AWS cloud platform.

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    “It takes weeks and months for us to provision storage on our local private SAN. Using SoftNAS, it can happen in a matter of minutes to get any amount of storage we need.

    Keith Son, Director of Infrastructure, Greater New York City Area – Broadcast Media

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    SoftNAS AWS backend NAS storage selection guide

    SoftNAS Cloud NAS supports the broadest range of backend storage options on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Block Store (EBS). It’s important to select the right backend storage to align with the performance requirements of your application.

    AWS backend NAS storage selection

    Deploy SoftNAS Cloud NAS on AWS

    Get started today on the AWS Marketplace taking advantage of our Installation Guide and Tutorial Video Series. 

    AWS Marketplace

    Try SoftNAS directly from the AWS Marketplace 

    SoftNAS on AWS Installation Guide

    Step by step instructions to setup a POC and configure in your AWS environment  

    SoftNAS on AWS Tutorial Videos

    Watch step by step instructional videos to deploy a softNAS instance on AWS 

    SoftNAS AWS EFS Performance Report 

    Up to 23x faster than AWS EFS 

    Recommendations to increase storage performance for both managed storage services such as AWS EFS, Azure Files, and self-managed storage using a Cloud NAS.