SoftNAS High Availability

Making Data Available 24×7

SoftNAS High Availability

Making Data Available 24×7

CMG Financial on High Availability

Jerry Nihen, Senior Systems Engineer at CMG Financial on the key SoftNAS HA benefits over traditional file system HA solutions.


Single availability zone solution offering 99.9% HA with 2 SoftNAS controllers sharing a single copy of the data in block storage. A single HA IP address called a Virtual IP (VIP) routes the client traffic to the Primary SoftNAS controller. This solution saves 50% on HA costs by eliminating redundant block storage in a different availability zone.  


Two availability zone solution offering 99.999% HA with 2 SoftNAS controllers replicating the data into block storage in both availability zones. A single IP address called a Virtual IP (VIP) routes the client traffic to the current Primary SoftNAS controller. The Primary controller replicates data changes to the Secondary controller, which runs in a separate zone with its copy the block storage.  

High Availability99.9%99.999%
SoftNAS2 Controllers2 Controllers
Storage1 set of RAID storageTwo sets of redundant RAID storage
Availability Zones1 zoneTwo zones
Replicate across availability zonesNoYes
Virtual IP (VIP)YesYes

HA Availability  

Obtain SoftNAS Snap HA and SMART HA on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. A BYOL license for VMware is available.

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“It takes weeks and months for us to provision storage on our local private SAN. Using SoftNAS, it can happen in a matter of minutes to get any amount of storage we need.”

– Keith Son, Director of Infrastructure, Greater New York City Area – Broadcast Media