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Cloud Storage: Delivering on a performance priority

One of the top priorities for Cloud architects is achieving high performance from applications. As we move more applications to the cloud, CPU, RAM, and fast networks are plentiful. However, storage rises to the top of the list as the cause for Cloud application bottlenecks.

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The Hidden Cost of Cloud Storage

Your data is doubling every two years, and so are your storage requirements. In this eBook, we’ll uncover methods that can help you significantly reduce your cloud storage costs and eliminate the Storage Tax.

Cloud Storage:
Delivering on a performance priority

This eBook offers recommendations to increase storage performance for both managed storage services such as EFS, Azure Files, and self-managed storage using a Cloud NAS.

Great Performing data in the Cloud Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

Move your on-premises data today with Buurst and learn how to remove obstacles that  prevent your organization from unlocking robust capabilities that position you for future growth.

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