Data is the DNA of Your Business

Buurst makes data access and use affordable in the cloud or at the edge

Data is the DNA of Your Business

Buurst makes data access and use affordable in the cloud or at the edge

Trusted in the cloud on AWS, Azure, and VMware

Companies that Trust Buurst
Companies that Trust Buurst

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Buurst Management Platforms

Storage Management Platform

Buurst SoftNAS

Virtual Cloud NAS for AWS, Azure, and VMware

  • No “Double Billing” for cloud data
  • Enterprise proven at Petabyte scale
  • High Availability at 3-9s and 5-9s
  • Secure data migration Lift & Shift built-in
  • Complete support for advanced protocols

Data Management Platform

Buurst Fuusion

Data Transfer & Management at the Edge and Cloud

  • Securely control and centrally manage data flow from the edge to the cloud and cloud to the edge
  • Connect the edge to cloud services including across less-than-optimal network conditions
  • Chain of custody for data auditing
  • Kubernetes ready for container scalability

Making Data Affordable

Now is the time to think differently about storage

  • How do you keep your storage cost under control?
  • How do improve the performance of your data?
  • How do you make your data pay for itself?

SoftNAS Cost Management (Save 30-80%)

  • Compression and deduplication
  • Data tiering
  • Storage strategy

Fuusion Cost Management 

  • End USB data transfers
  • Rapid data transfer over high latency networks
  • Edge to cloud to data lakes transfers

“Old problems that were blockers before suddenly become obsolete as new capabilities emerge. Partnerships like the one we have with Buurst are really critical to our ability to leverage new capabilities.”

Andy Anglin, Director Cloud Technologies, Halliburton

We put your data first

We know data is your most critical asset which is why we believe it’s time to think about data differently. From data collection at the edge to data in the cloud our products enable highly available data storage, performance and access in a secure and cost efficient manner.