Data is the DNA of Your Business

Get more out of your enterprise data at the edge or in the cloud

Trusted in the cloud on AWS, Azure, and VMware

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Enterprise-grade cloud NAS

SoftNAS allows you to choose the right blend of price and performance for each workload, application, and job while maintaining the granular control of the underlying infrastructure and power that comes with a NAS. Built for AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware, SoftNAS provides a broad range of enterprise NAS ensuring data security priced by the product not the petabyte.

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Old problems that were blockers before suddenly become obsolete as new capabilities emerge. Partnerships like the one we have with Buurst are really critical to our ability to leverage new capabilities.

Andy Anglin, Director Cloud Technologies, Halliburton

We put your data first

We know data is your most critical asset which is why we believe it’s time to think about data differently. From data collection at the edge to data in the cloud our products enable highly available data storage, performance and access in a secure and cost efficient manner.