We Put Your Data First

Buurst builds high-performance, highly available data storage solutions for the cloud and edge.

We Put Your Data First

Buurst builds high-performance, highly available data storage solutions for the cloud and edge.

Trusted Organizations Across the Globe are Managing Petabytes of Enterprise Data in the Cloud on AWS, Azure, and VMware

Companies that Trust Buurst
Companies that Trust Buurst

May 27, 2021

AWS Public Sector Selects Buurst as a Strategic Provider for Smart Data Migration Workloads

Imagine actually feeling confident about managing Petabytes of data. With Buurst, you can.

Buurst Data Storage Solutions

Buurst’s proven high-performance cloud storage solution, SoftNAS has supported SaaS services in the cloud over the past eight years, providing 99.999% availability while saving customers up to 80% in cloud storage fees by charging for performance, not by the Terabyte.  

Buurst’s release of Fuusion in late 2020 offers customers a new methodology for data transfer between the edge and cloud with our patented UltraFast™ networking acceleration feature. This secure data pipeline offers chain of custody for data auditing and graphical interface for easy configuration.  

High-Performance Storage

Virtual Cloud NAS for AWS, Azure, and VMware

  • High-Performance IOPS, Throughput
  • 5-9 High Availability with No Downtime Guarantee
  • Pay by Performance, not by the Terabyte
  • Secure Data Migration Built-In

Edge Data Pipeline

Data Transfer & Management at the Edge and Cloud

  • Securely control and centrally manage data flow from the edge to the cloud and cloud to the edge
  • Connect the edge to cloud services including across less-than-optimal network conditions
  • Chain of custody for data auditing
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“Old problems that were blockers before suddenly become obsolete as new capabilities emerge. Partnerships like the one we have with Buurst are really critical to our ability to leverage new capabilities.”

Andy Anglin, Director Cloud Technologies, Halliburton


Application providers moving their service to the cloud often must decide between a costly code refresh or move directly to the web and experience service limitations in performance, availability or high operational costs based on data storage requirements. SoftNAS was purpose-built to meet these challenges for SaaS with exceptional performance tuning capabilities, a No Downtime Guarantee, and low-cost data storage by charging for performance and not the Terabyte.

SoftNAS is a Linux-based virtual appliance deployed on public and private cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere. SoftNAS can also run on RHEL 8.2 if customers prefer over CentOS. Visit the SoftNAS page to learn more about this industry-leading cloud-native NAS solution.


Organizations have terabytes of data, all in different formats and different locations. All this data needs to be shared between numerous sites. Data growth at the edge has also added complexity as organizations need to ingest and transfer data bi-directionally between the edge and the cloud. A data pipeline can help solve these tasks by aggregating data from any source, securely transferring the data to another location, and then quickly transforming the data into a cloud-ready format for analytics.

Buurst Fuusion is a data pipeline solution that offers organizations the capability to consume any data from any location and transfer the data between the edge and the cloud. Fuusion automatically converts the data to a format ready for storage or analysis in the cloud. It’s built to join edge data with cloud services regardless of network conditions.

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