HighRadius chose SoftNAS with SNAP HA™ to deliver 5-9’s availability of cloud storage.

SNAP HA™ availability allows failover across availability zones in case a zone has an outage.


HighRadius tried many cloud storage solutions but they could not meet the demanding 5-9’s of uptime. Cloud storage services has great storage durability and replication of storage to other availability zones however in the event of a failure, they had to manually redirect their solution. HighRadius also tried an opensource NAS and ran into multiple support issues with failover and zone replication, which did not meet their availability requirements.

Why SoftNAS

After trying other solutions, the team tested the replication of data between availability zones and the failover and failback capabilities of SoftNAS. After an extensive evaluation, HighRadius felt comfortable with the technology and the support staff at SoftNAS to roll into production. Currently High Radius uses SoftNAS on to deliver HA cloud storage for their Fintech enterprise SaaS application.


HighRadius knows how to move customers financial data to the cloud and run advanced analytics with AI cloud services. They also know that customers data is the DNA of the business and they must protect the data at all cost. High Radius needed a partner to provide to ensure the customers data will be highly available.

HighRadius chose Buurst SoftNAS as the strategic partner that can ensure the data is highly available across availability zones and provide failover and auto failback features to ensure the data has availability and the lowest latency to the customers location.

With the SoftNAS SNAP HA solution, HighRadius customers have confidence in the availability of the Highraduis solution and the SLA contracts they have defined.

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“We have extensively tested replication across availability zones, failover and failback features of SoftNAS Snap HA and found all features worked with no problems. Fortunately, the SoftNAS NAS has ran so well that we have never seen a failover while in production, but we are glad we have the peace of mind that HA is there in case we need it.”

Suresh Babu Marella, Senior Director, Cloud Infrastructure, HighRadius