Migrates SaaS Application to AWS

Modus Migrates their SaaS Application to Amazon Web Services (Amazon AWS)

John Crites, CIO of Modus on SoftNAS Deployment 

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Move a revenue-generating SaaS application from an on-premises data center to AWS to improve availability, scalability, and simplify management.

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A frictionless, easy-to-manage move to the cloud for primary storage workloads that demand high availability, which enables lower ongoing management costs than on-premises solutions.

softnas cloud nas


The enterprise gains availability and agility gives time back to operations teams and increases business value with new customers and streamlined company acquisitions.

SaaS Application Migration to cloud

Modus (, a business intelligence company designed specifically for law firms and corporations to help improve their entire legal operations, wanted to move its eDiscovery application from an on-premises data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Modus needed higher availability and greater scalability, manageability, and simplicity to help clients assess, strategize, and leverage critical business intelligence.

Frictionless application migration without reengineering

Modus turned to SoftNAS Cloud because of its solid reputation for helping enterprise businesses tap into the full potential of cloud data storage. Buurst helps companies easily migrate SaaS applications without the effort and expense required of “application modernization” as they transition from on-premises storage to AWS

SoftNAS Cloud NAS simplifies data migrations to AWS

Modus offers an eDiscovery SaaS application for the legal industry that enables users to process, analyze, review, produce and report on data with legal information with increased efficiency. In addition, Modus’ eDiscovery services help law firms and corporations plan, discover, interpret, manage and leverage raw data into Discovery Intelligence to help optimize their legal enterprise.

The amount of data and the highly sensitive nature of the data Modus manages required a solution offering superior data storage scalability and high levels of security and data protection. In addition, Modus experienced a growing need to.

application migration to cloud

Simplify data management and improve both agility and availability to better help clients assess, share, strategize, and leverage critical business intelligence. Modus knew they needed the support of Network Attached Storage (NAS) software, commonly deployed to provide shared file services to users and applications. They also needed a solution to help them move their eDiscovery App from an on-premises data center to the cloud.

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“Performance and price were a primary factor in choosing a NAS solution and Buurst focused on solving our problems not upselling us other things I didn’t need.”

John Crites, CIO, Modus