Modus Migrates their SaaS Application to Amazon Web Services (Amazon AWS)

John Crites, CIO of Modus on SoftNAS Deployment 


Modus, a business intelligence company serving legal firms, needed to migrate their eDiscovery SaaS application from an on-premise data center to AWS. Modus required higher availability and greater scalability, manageability, and simplicity to assist their clients assess, strategize, and leverage critical business intelligence.  

Why SoftNAS

Modus was looking for a solution that enabled their SaaS eDiscovery tool the following benefits:


  • Lift and Shift Migration: SoftNAS enabled the movement of eDiscovery from an on-site data center to AWS without any re-engineering of the application  
  • Enable AWS block and file storage services through the Common Internet File System (CIFS), NSF, and iSCSI protocols used by SoftNAS: Critical issues for Modus as they were unable to support native AWS cloud storage solutions such as S3 and EBS. 
  • Provides Modus with a secondary back-up of mission-critical data on AWS with SoftNAS handling all backup features at a reduced cost


With Buurst SoftNAS, Modus eDiscovery application provides value to the Modus operations team by simplifying deployment, availability and agility during operation of the application. In addition, moving from their on-site data center to AWS with SoftNAS achieved a significant cost saving in storage fees while also increasing overall performance of data migration from clients to the cloud.  

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“Performance and price were a primary factor in choosing a NAS solution and Buurst focused on solving our problems not upselling us other things I didn’t need.”

John Crites, CIO, Modus