VirtualAPT Engaged with Buurst to Upgrade their On-Prem Architecture due to the Pandemic

VirtualAPT provides businesses with premium VR/360° content using proprietary robots, including robot-as-a-service, robot operation training, filming, editing, post-production, Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) productions, 3D animation, and graphic design.


The emergence of the global pandemic required VirtualAPT to re-evaluate their existing on-premise and WAN storage infrastructure as employees no longer had direct access to the internal LAN within the office. Their solution involved a series of storage drives connected to a Windows desktop with LAN connections via network drive mappings while WAN connections used a FileZilla server. Facing substantial scalability and reliability issues with this solution VirtualAPT engaged with Buurst to customize a SoftNAS deployment meeting their new requirements.

Why SoftNAS

Launching SoftNAS within their VPC was a logical choice with their deployed video content already stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and distributed by Amazon CloudFront. In addition, their remote editing team utilized a cloud-based editing workstation within the same VPC as SoftNAS accelerating transfer speeds up to 900 Mbps to and from the NAS. This increase in traffic speeds were orders of magnitude greater that what editors could have expected between their home offices and the previous on-premise data solution. Buurst’s technical support team assisted in the deployment, configuration and optimization of SoftNAS in addition to ensuring the remote workstations interfaced correctly with the video data.


    Buurst’s SoftNAS technology and support team provided a highly scalable solution with better performance than the previous on-premise solution while offering flexibility for our team to take advantage of remote working opportunities. Having one unified system to manage video storage, editing and software development applications all connected to SoftNAS simplifies our IT management and enables our employees to focus on their core tasks and not Windows networking.

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      “SoftNAS provides the perfect out-of-the-box solution and timely support that made a fast and efficient migration to the cloud possible for VirtualAPT.”

      Filippo Alimonda, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, VirtualAPT