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Performance and cost are critical to consider when building a cloud storage solution for SaaS. You need a system that can ingest data, store it, provide access to it, and cost-effectively do this. Your goal is to develop a cloud storage solution that is highly scalable, highly available, and efficient. 

Cloud storage needs to be resilient. It needs to handle segmentation, service interruptions and outages, hardware failures, and so on. The enduser should not be able to see these issues. Your overall solution needs to be reliable, costeffective, and highly scalable with high availability. 

The protocols you choose depends on the needs of your application and your user base. Some applications will work best with NFS, others with CIFS. It would help if you considered the impact that each of these choices has on your overall solution. 

It would help if you had a cloud storage solution that is highly scalable, highly available, and efficient. When designing cloud storage, different cost models come into play. Cloud solutions like AWS EFS, Azure Files are expensive and slow. A more practical choice may be to use block storage from a cloud provider and then serve it with a Cloud NASA Cloud NAS provides scalability, performance, and reduced costs. 

You have choices from your deployment to your data center upfront costs and the ongoing operations costs. The less you pay, and the less you spend, the better off you are. 

A high performance, low cost, and highly scalable cloud storage solution are vital to meet SaaS offerings’ demand. Designing and deploying a cloud solution is complicated, but Buurst SoftNAS helps by giving you control of your instance size for CPU, memory, and network.  The main advantage is tuning your performance. SoftNAS lets you choose the instance size based on performance needs, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to deploy. 

Buurst SoftNAS is designed with high performance and cost in mind. It connects to your managed service provider storage so that you can easily harness the capacity of cloud storage without the bottlenecks. The solution makes use of a SoftNAS cloud instance that has direct a direct connection to the cloud block storage and provides a private connection to clients owned by your organization.  SoftNAS supports native protocols to optimize performance with your SaaS applications. The solution also includes support for L1/L2 cache with NVME and SSD, better throughput because you might need to run enterprise applications without sacrificing performance. 

Buurst SoftNAS is protocolagnostic and relies on low-level block storage and an advanced caching layer for logging. Advanced caching results in outstanding performance and extreme affordability. Additionally, it has backup services that enable you to snapshot and recover your files efficiently. SoftNAS offers data deduplication to save storage space. SoftNAS can replicate data to other regions, and availability zones make your data resilient. 

These managed service providers have inconsistent performance characteristics. Both Azure File and AWS NFS limit the number of IOPS  and throughput you can get out of the filesystem by default unless you go to a premium storage account. In contrast, cloud providers allow additional throughput for a premium charge. 

Here are the results of the SoftNAS performance gains over Azure File and AWS NFS: 

Buurst on AWS

Better Throughput

Better IOPs

Better Latency

Buurst on Azure

Better Throughput

Better IOPs

Better Latency

SoftNAS gives you the full power of cloud block storage, allowing you to have scalable and predictable performance.  Here are some of the high-level reasons people choose to run SoftNAS: 

    • Scale IOPS to accommodate more highperformance workloads. 
    • Cloud storage performance consistency and raw performance. 
    • Data throughput as well as using all the storage they pay for. 

SoftNAS can be useful to any SaaS company that cares about high performing SaaS applications.

SoftNAS scales IOPS and throughput based on the number and size of the instance, so if SoftNAS offering is exceptionally flexible and scalable. High performance is a business requirement but also a storage requirement. Performance is key to a successful SaaS application because of speed and reliability. 

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