SoftNAS® Migration & Upgrade Advisory

Buurst Staff

June 28, 2022

This Migration & Upgrade advisory is issued to inform any customers on any version of SoftNAS® 3, 4, and up to 5.1. A migration or upgrade to SoftNAS® 5.2.4, which is the current version of the software as of the date of this advisory.

SoftNAS® versions 3, 4, and up to 5.1 are no longer supported, effective June 1, 2022 due to underlying technology changes and security vulnerabilities addressed in the most recent versions.

In upgrading or migrating to SoftNAS 5.2.4 or greater, customers receive immediate and effective advantages:

    • Security/Compliance – latest CVE’s addressed
    • Performance – best-in-class performance across multiple Cloud applications vs. other providers
    • Support – the underlying technology of CentOS and related kernel has gone End-of-Life (EoL) and can not be supported
      • Any Support package you may have from Buurst will require you to be on the latest version of SoftNAS®

To get started, please contact our Migration Support team at

Learn more about SoftNAS 5: New version of Linux, Kernel, Samba

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