SoftNAS 5: New Linux Version, New Kernel, Better Performance

Buurst Staff

We are excited to announce that our newest version of SoftNAS, SoftNAS 5, is now publically available. In our latest update, we have made the following improvements:

  • New version of Linux, Kernel, Samba
  • Up to 60% better performance
  • BYOL License performance level enforcement
  • Firewall port lock down
  • Azure OMS Support

SoftNAS 5 Webinar/Demo

In this video, Adam Marano, VP Product Management, Arlene Ogden, Director Customer Success, and Ross Ethridge – Lead RRT/PS Engineer discuss SoftNAS 5 and what it brings as well as an updated Support System as well as the help we have to assist in your migration to it.

SoftNAS Cloud NAS now leverages CentOS 8.2,  and a brand new kernel, ensuring that our product benefits from not only the latest Linux patches and CVE security fixes, but also increased performance. These Linux and kernel updates also allowed us to upgrade to the latest version of Samba. In side by side testing, Buurst has seen performance improvements of up to 60% between VMs/instances running SoftNAS 5 and those running our previous 4.4x versions. This 60% improvement was not reflected across all benchmarks, but findings showed a consistent and marked improvement across each of the key benchmarks(throughput, IOPS and latency) in every test run.

SoftNAS continues to offer the same excellent high availability, with our patented SNAP HA and SnapReplicate technology, as well as our No Downtime Guarantee, and still helps to ensure a seamless move of your workload to the cloud with our Lift and Shift solution. Our unparalleled flexibility ensures a seamless transition, without having to make changes to the formatting of your data. Improved performance simply adds some icing to the cake.In essence, SoftNAS, which already improved data performance when compared to solutions such as AWS EFS, has now improved further, operating up to 23 times faster in some cases.  AS you can see below SoftNAS offered significant performance gains in throughput and IOPS, as well as a significant drop in latency.

We have also made some security improvements, beyond ensuring that the latest CVE fixes are supported. Notably, we have locked down our internal firewall configuration, ensuring that by default only the required ports are open. This means, of course, that in addition to a more secure deployment, that in migrating to SoftNAS 5, additional services attached to your SoftNAS virtual machine/instance may require firewall configuration. If you have additional services attached to your SoftNAS deployment, and are upgrading to SoftNAS 5, please contact Buurst support for guidance.

Finally, SoftNAS also now supports OMS Azure Extensions. This allows you to integrate SoftNAS virtual machines into your Azure Operations Management suite for log analytics, alerting and alert remediation capabilities. We feel these improvements are more than enough reason to move to SoftNAS 5, but if not, know that SoftNAS 5 has laid the groundwork for a number of future improvements.  We highly recommend you contact Buurst Support to schedule your migration today.

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