SoftNAS™ Expands to Oracle Cloud, Achieves VMware Partner Ready Certification, Releases SoftNAS 5.5

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Buurst continues to broaden its reach of its Enterprise-grade, High-Performance SoftNAS virtual Storage product

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2024 — Buurst today announced the expansion of its flagship product, SoftNAS, to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) VMware solution. This move broadens its reach and delivers its high-performance, scalable storage solution to a wider range of businesses. Additionally, SoftNAS has re-validated its VMWare Partner Ready status as a member of the Technology Alliance Program (TAP), further solidifying its commitment to delivering seamless integration with leading virtualization platforms and has release SoftNAS version 5.5.

“We are excited to bring SoftNAS to the Oracle Cloud and re-validating our VMWare Partner Ready status,” per Arlene Ogden, Head of Engineering at Buurst.

Key Benefits of SoftNAS on Oracle Cloud:

• High-performance storage: SoftNAS delivers outstanding performance and scalability, making it ideal for demanding workloads
• Seamless integration: SoftNAS integrates seamlessly with OCI services, via VMware, simplifying deployment and management
• Cost-effectiveness: SoftNAS offers a flexible pricing model that helps businesses optimize their cloud spending
• Enhanced security: SoftNAS leverages Oracle’s robust security features to protect valuable data

VMWare Partner Ready validation:

SoftNAS has re-validated its VMware Partner Ready status, signifying its compatibility and interoperability with VMware vSphere®. This certification ensures seamless integration with existing VMware environments, allowing users to leverage SoftNAS’s advanced features without complexity.

“We continually make advancements to demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with the flexibility and performance they need to thrive in today’s dynamic Enterprise NAS landscape,” Vic Mahadevan, CEO of Buurst states. “Our Engineering and Product teams continue to make great improvements on our flagship product.”

About SoftNAS, powered by Buurst:

Buurst has released SoftNAS version 5.5, providing enhancements beyond the OCI and VMware announcements, such as enabling Offline Activation, Storage Pool Expansion Flow, and various infrastructure upgrades of ZFS, DeltaSync, and other updates that continue to strengthen the performance of SoftNAS.

Who is Buurst?

Buurst is a leading provider of software-defined storage solutions. Its SoftNAS virtual Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance product, delivers high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective storage for businesses of all sizes. Buurst is committed to providing customers with innovative solutions that help them achieve their Enterprise Storage goals.

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