Using a Cloud NAS to improve your VDI experience

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure performance

Move cloud desktops closer to LOB applications and data.

Today, many organizations are supporting cloudbased virtual desktops more than ever before. But users will still resist cloud desktops if the experience is not equal to or better than they have now. The best way to increase the performance and usability of a cloud desktop is to move all application servers out of the data center and closer to the cloud desktop.


Cloud desktops next to business apps and data

Cloud desktops can deliver the best user experience, increase productivity, and satisfaction if you migrated LOB applications running next to the cloud desktop lowers latency and increased speedUsers get better than PC performance because they are accessing data centerclass hardware. Users will have nform factor limitations. On-prem application traffic flows through highperformance Azure backboneTeams, O365, etc. run on the same high-performance Azure backbone as your desktopsNo data flows through virtual desktop (better for security and performance). And LOB web applications run at full speed next to the desktop. 

User Satisfaction

Cloud desktop users expect on-premises performance. To deliver a complete cloud desktop experience, you need to reduce bottlenecks at the desktop, business applications, and storage. Cloud desktop, LOB cloud applications, Web applications all run at full speed with low latency, increasing satisfaction 

Reduce cost

  • SoftNAS utilizes storage options: Block storage comes in SSD, HDD, and cold storage, SoftNAS manages the storage layer to make it highly available and fast at the lowest cost.

  • SoftNAS offers inline deduplication of data files are compared block by block for redundancies, which then are eliminated, and, in most cases, data is reduced by 50 – 80%. 

  • SoftNAS has data compression to reduces the number of bits needed to represent the data. It’s a simple process and can lower storage costs by 50-75%. 

  • SoftNAS SmartTiers™ moves aging data from expensive, high-performance block storage to less expensive block storage, reducing storage costs by up to 67% 

  • SoftNAS offers the lowest price per GB for cloud storage.

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