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SoftNAS® Cloud is a flexible application with a light footprint, which offers a CIFS and a hot spare feature rarely found with other vendors. We have been pleased with the competitive price.”

Reza Kertadjaja
Chief Operating Officer, Indonesian Cloud

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High Radius

HighRadius needed to provide
customers high availability for
cloud storage…


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Modus seamlessly migrated their SaaS application to AWS with zero friction and a lower TCO than other solutions they evaluated.

US Signal found that SoftNAS was easy to integrate with their current system, allowing them to quickly migrate their data and see 80% cost savings.

With Buurst, Indonesian Cloud was able to provide CIFS and NFS support, along with scalable IT resources to grow with their customers.

With Buurst, MagHub was able to easily replicate business critical data to the cloud for both primary storage and backup data.

The Street was able to easily migrate data off its clustered file system node to an enterprisegrade cloud NAS designed for Amazon EC2.