Introducing SoftNAS 3.3 – Greater Security & Data Protection

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Cloud Computing has become core to how businesses operate today. Business-critical applications, services and data must be available 24x7x365 in a highly available and easy-to-deploy environment.

SoftNAS has just released version 3.3 of SoftNAS. The 3.3 version contains a host of new features, as well as major performance enhancements .

New Features and Enhancements:

  • AWS Cross-zone High-availability for Private VPCs provides high-availability through SNAP™ HA with private IPs on AWS

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  • Instant Writeable SnapClones™ – Create instant read/write snapshot clones of production data that do not occupy additional disk space, and conveniently browse SnapClone snapshots from an external NFS or CIFS share.

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  • Consistent Storage Pool Backup and Recovery – Eliminate the need for scripting to conveniently backup and restore consistent SoftNAS storage pools, using multiple EBS snapshots for an added layer of data protection.
  • Cloud Gateway Cache for S3 Compatible Object Storage provides primary data access performance for S3 storage with redundancy and HA for S3 even with limited Internet bandwidth
  • Automatic Drive Sparing automatically protects data by rebuilding a failed drive without manual intervention
  • Consistent Backup/Restore for AWS uses EBS snapshots integrated in StorageCenter UI

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  • Windows Previous Versions Support integration with storage snapshots enables users to recover permanently deleted files, view or restore a version of a file that has been saved over, and compare file versions side-by-side without administrative assistance

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  • Support for AWS GovCloud S3 allows use of AWS GovCloud S3 as a true NAS with all SoftNAS features
  • Updated Performance Graphs now display IOPs in StorageCenter UI

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