File Services for AWS S3 Object Storage

AWS S3 Object storage systems provide a lower-cost, more durable, and scalable alternative to traditional NAS and SAN hardware storage systems. However, they’re optimized for performance with object I/O, but do not perform as well with file I/O and often lack the robust capabilities of traditional NAS filer. Frequently, object storage solutions have limited or low-performing file services. SoftNAS enables customers to take advantage of the scalability, durability, and low cost of object storage, replacing expensive on-premises SAN and NAS equipment, while still providing file services for existing enterprise applications.

File Services for S3 Object Storage

Benefits of using SoftNAS for AWS S3 Object Storage

Robust File Services for Object Storage

Provides file access via NFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP (Apple File Protocol), and iSCSI block services for object storage with Active Directory (AD) and LDAP integration, which can traditionally only be accessed at the object API level.

No Added Hardware

Available as a storage virtual appliance, no additional hardware or capex is required when running SoftNAS as a virtual machine on existing hypervisor systems

No Application or Workflow Modification

Eliminate application modifications and reduces object storage skill set learning times to lower opex

Rich NAS Data Protection and Efficiency

Provides deduplication, compression, storage snapshots, writable clones, thin provisioning and other traditional NAS capabilities, providing the best of both NAS and object storage

File Services Across Object Storage Clouds

Whether you are running object storage in an on-premises private cloud or in public clouds, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Centurylink Cloud, SoftNAS provides file services across any combination of private, public and hybrid clouds

Seamless Integration

SoftNAS supports popular object storage products including NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, SwiftStack, Hitachi Data Systems Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), Amazon Web Services S3, Azure Blob, Cleversafe Web-Scale Storage Software Platform, Cloudian HyperStore and any S3-compatible object storage


SoftNAS adds two layers of additional caching for increased performance and throughput beyond what object systems typically deliver by themselves

Files-as-a-Service for S3 Object Storage:

Use Cases

For Service Providers

Object storage is beneficial to service providers because it is low-cost, durable and can be incrementally scaled. It is also a cost-effective solution to providing file services with object storage to customers, increasing margin and ROI. You also pay for what is used to match your billing for optimizing cash flow.


For End User Customers

Without added hardware, SoftNAS provides file and iSCSI block level services for object storage, eliminating the need to modify applications to fit with existing applications and IT infrastructure.

For Object Storage Providers

Many object storage providers have customers who need to access object storage with standard file system or iSCSI block protocols. SoftNAS removes the file system barrier to purchase by quickly and easily supplying file services on top of a storage provider’s own object storage, increasing overall sales value.


How to Implement a Cloud Storage Gateway for S3 Object Storage (slides)

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