Fuusion Use Case: Transfer Data Over High Latency Networks
Mary Roberts
March 03, 2021

Fuusion Use Case: Transfer Data Over High Latency Networks

There is a lot more to the oil and gas industry than finding the treasure under the ground and bringing it to the surface. This became abundantly clear to me in a previous position working for an oil distributor, which provided an application that tracked the product from well to distribution. The number of sites that had to be accounted for with a large client, not only wells, but trainyards, pipelines and refineries, was almost staggering. The logistics of getting the product to the consumer without automated tracking was complex and immensely time consuming.

One of the key issues that oil distributors encounter are that many locations either do not have, or have very poor network connectivity. For some locations, years ago, folks had to sometimes drive out to the site, enter the numbers into laptops onsite, and drive back into town (or to the nearest point with connectivity) to send the data. In most cases today, there is at least some connectivity for part of the day now that satellite linkups and other rural connection types have become prevalent. Satellite connections may only be available intermittently and may not have the best bandwidth during those windows. This is a key issue on the shipping side in particular, with oil tankers often relying on this method of communication. This is one area where a solution such as Fuusion will help increase productivity.

Fuusion not only helps by allowing you to process edge data onsite before delivery, but also by providing a solution for less-than-optimal network conditions (high latency, intermittent, low bandwidth) prevalent at the most remote locations. Fuusion Ultrafast allows for secure network acceleration and ensures reliable data transfer between the edge and the cloud over any network. 

An oil distributor relies on tracking the movement of oil from the fields to the point of delivery, or in some cases, even to the point of sale. They need the ability to keep up-to-the-hour status on oil delivery to refineries to ensure these refineries can plan operational and production levels to stay on top of demand. To achieve this the oil distributor must be able to transfer the data across any type of network, including satellite. Which in turn means that the solution in place must be able to handle intermittent transmission scheduling while ensuring that the data is accurate and reliable despite interruption.

Fuusion ensures that the data sent is secure, reliable, and accurate while also providing a data chain of custody for data auditability. Ultrafast ensures that a network connection is fine-tuned for optimal data transmission regardless of the latency challenges in that network. By connecting Ultrafast at each point of sub-optimal network, Fuusion can ensure that the oil-distributor’s target SLAs are consistently met, including from remote oil fields using high latency satellite connections, and tanker ships only equipped with satellite-based networks, or any point between.

Fuusion is built to help solve data transmission challenges, especially over less-than-optimal network connections so you can use data when and where you need it.  Do you have remote connectivity issues you need help with? Contact Buurst today

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