5 Tips for Maximizing Your Cloud Data

Buurst Staff

5 tips that every Enterprise technologist and business decision-maker should think about when they are managing and migrating data to the cloud.

What are you going to do when you can no longer afford your data? The data explosion is upon us! More data is created every two years than in all of history before and there is no sign of this slowing. Even a global pandemic didn’t slow down data creation, it accelerated it!

Enterprises struggle to balance two normally opposing things:

  • How can I get the maximum performance from my data to meet the demands of my customers, partners, and employees?
  • How can I get the best possible cloud economics because my data, not my budget is doubling every two years?

Below are five tips that every Enterprise technologist and business decision-maker should think about.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Cloud Data

Compress your Data

Compress your data as much as possible, it will save you money. Compressed data takes up less space and requires less time and network bandwidth to transfer. Efficient compression cuts storage costs and high-performance compression can improve communication efficiency―providing a better customer experience.

DeDupe your Data

Duplicate data double and triple your data costs. Deduplication eliminates redundant data, reducing the size of the dataset. Deduplication with cloud storage reduces the storage requirements, along with the amount of data to be transferred over the network, resulting in faster and more efficient data operations.

Tier your Data

Not all Data is created equally. Put your hot data on the expensive and super-fast flash disks and your warm data on medium performance disks and your cold data on cold, less expensive cloud storage. Tiered storage infrastructures enable enterprises to effectively improve performance and enhance the cost-effectiveness of their cloud storage system and make the most of their available storage resources.

Don’t forget about HA – High Availability

When you absolutely, positively need access to your data, please turn on HA! Today there are several ways to create a HA solution for your data. Enterprises must balance cost against how many 9’s of availability. Baseline HA is the most efficient but will only get you 3 9’s of availability or 8.77 hours per year of unplanned downtime. Cross Zone and cross region HA gives you the best possible solution at 5 9’s of availability or 5.2 mins per year of downtime, with added cost but can guarantee you have your data available when a zone or a region of the public cloud goes down, and they do go down. By applying a high availability strategy, you can serve your customers through thick and thin. You send a message that you value their business. A highly available infrastructure also mitigates the negative impact of outages to revenue and productivity, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour of downtime.

Stop Paying a Storage Tax

Pay the premium for your data performance and don’t pay an additional storage tax.

The concept of cloud storage was based on traditional storage vendor pricing and ideals. The more data you move to the cloud the more you pay. This will always be the case for the underlying disks, but shouldn’t be the case for your file system. If you have a large amount of data and performance isn’t an issue, pay less, but if performance is a deciding factor, pay more, and if it depends on the data, then tier your data. Either way you can save 20-80% on your overall cloud storage costs by following the practices outlines in the blog.

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