How SoftNAS Can Help You Get to the Cloud

Buurst Staff

Hybrid Clouds, Multi-Cloud, Private and Public clouds, do you have a plan for your journey to the cloud?  Want to start planning your journey today? Time to check out the free Beta of SoftNAS Platinum.

Historically, when you have a complicated problem to solve that involves data movement/migration, data storage/access, networking performance, and data translation, you might consider trying to integrate 3 or 4 different point products into a single solution. The bigger problem to solve quickly becomes how to get all these products to work together. You spend more time figuring out how to connect the different products than solving the original problem. You end up using ad hoc workarounds, which ends up creating new problems. If you finally get the solution running, in a lot of cases the end solution is fragile and doesn’t meet all of your original requirements. Sound familiar?


SoftNAS Platinum is built using a set of flexible components to provide you with a cloud data platform that gives you the flexibility to build solutions to help answer some of today’s and tomorrow’s Data Solution questions:

  • Where do I store my data in the cloud?
  • What type of cloud storage can I use and is it compatible with my application(s)?
  • Can I get the level of performance my application requires from my cloud storage options?
  • How do I manage the movement/migration of data between/to the cloud?
  • How quickly can I get my data into the cloud?
  • How do I keep my data up to date as I’m migrating it to the cloud?


  • UltraFast™
    • Network data and storage acceleration
    • Ability to throttle and schedule accelerated network utilization
  • FlexFiles™ (Powered by Apache NiFi)
    • Create automated data flows for migration and synchronization of data across multiple locations
    • Leverage Apache NiFi processors to perform flexible data integration and transformation
    • Access to full provenance data for each step of the data flow
    • Create your custom flows or use the built-in flow wizards and example flow templates.
  • SoftNAS Enterprise NAS
    • Full-featured, enterprise cloud NAS filer
    • Support for cloud Block and Object storage
    • AWS, Azure, and VMware


The power of SoftNAS Platinum is truly unleashed when you combine its key components to creating business data solutions.

The CloudFabric™ gives you the flexibility to use only the components you require to build the business data solutions you need.  All are integrated as part of a single product.



This blog is the first in a series that will cover several use cases that SoftNAS Platinum can help you with.

SoftNAS® Platinum is the legacy version of the same platform, including a few different features, but providing the same services and capabilities as our current version. This section covers legacy features now part of both Platinum and the new and improved SoftNAS product.

About SoftNAS Cloud NAS

SoftNAS® is our integrated global cloud data platform, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance, backups, data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally. Customers save time and money while increasing efficiency.

IT struggles with the ever-increasing amounts of data that businesses generate at an exponentially increasing pace from many different sources – including IoT. Through the SoftNAS Platinum product architecture, SoftNAS addresses the impracticalities that plague real-world broader cloud adoption, so IT can control its data destiny.

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