High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Computing at Petabyte Scale

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SoftNAS Software-Defined Cloud Data Platform Delivers on Vision for High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Computing at Petabyte Scale.

3 Cloud-Native Solutions to Control Any Data on Any Cloud

Houston, TX–SoftNAS®, Inc. today announced three new editions of its flagship Cloud Data Platform product line: SoftNAS Essentials, SoftNAS Enterprise and SoftNAS Platinum. The products make migrating to the cloud ultra-fast, flexible and cost effective and are tailored to meet specific solution use cases that address real-world problems including:

  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Migrating and Hosting Business Application and User Data in the Cloud

  • Simplifying Complex, Global Internet of Things and Data Integration Projects

“The SoftNAS product line is transforming business in the cloud with a scalable, secure and fully integrated platform for data management and control. It simplifies use cases such as backup, archive and disaster recovery, SaaS-enablement of applications and migration of existing business applications to the cloud,” commented Jeff Kato, Taneja Group. “SoftNAS is laying the foundation for enhanced agility as businesses implement a variety of cloud data storage infrastructures across a range of needs at the right balance of cost versus workload performance.”

“Global enterprises need instant access to massive amounts of data and file sets for their user bases. Our partnership with SoftNAS offers our users the comfort of a fast, agile, highly available, flexible, and cost-effective data management solution which we can then extend  to users worldwide,” said Charles Foley, SVP for Talon Storage.

SoftNAS Essentials with patent-pending ObjFast™ technology accelerates I/O performance up to 400% faster than previous SoftNAS versions and approaches I/O performance levels approaching that of native cloud block storage using lower cost, durable object storage.  SoftNAS Essentials delivers killer TCO  for secondary data: cloud backup, disaster recovery and cloud archive repositories.

SoftNAS Essentials Use Cases:

  • Basic File Services
  • Cloud Backup Repository
  • Disaster Recovery Repository
  • Cloud Archive Repository (tape to cloud)

SoftNAS Cloud NAS protects mission-critical and primary, active/hot data while incorporating enterprise-class NAS features like cross-zone high-availability, Dual Controller High Availability (DCHA), NFS, CIFS/SMB, AFP and iSCSI protocols, deduplication, compression, encryption, Active Directory/LDAP integration, thin-provisioning and scheduled snapshots with rapid rollback. For organizations that SaaS-enable applications and need enterprise grade data protection and reliable, high-performance file sharing, SoftNAS Enterprise delivers these advanced capabilities.

SoftNAS Enterprise Use Cases:

  • Migration of Applications to the Cloud (Lift and Shift)
  • SaaS-enabling Applications
  • File Server Consolidation
  • General Purpose File Storage for Unstructured Data
  • Data Center Consolidation

“As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner and MSP, Relus Cloud works with SoftNAS to enable our clients to migrate business critical applications to AWS without re-architecting.  We are excited about the new features in this latest release and see great opportunities for our clients to realize even more benefit from their AWS cloud initiatives. In addition to the fact that SoftNAS provides great products, their support team is so knowledgeable and helpful.  SoftNAS really sets its partners up for success,” stated Mike Ostrowski, Vice President, Cloud Delivery, Relus Technologies.

SoftNAS Platinum completes the vision for software-defined high-performance hybrid cloud computing at petabyte scale.  Announcing the public beta, SoftNAS Platinum is a trailblazing product combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance with built-in design & configure hybrid cloud data management and movement.  Patent-pending SoftNAS® UltraFast technology increases data transfer speeds up to 20 times faster than standard TCP/IP networks to accelerate data migrations for cloud backups and bulk data. SoftNAS Platinum’s design and configure wizards enable IT to “Lift and Shift” live data from an on-premises NAS or file server to the desired SoftNAS destination point, and then migrate the data quickly, whether to AWS, Microsoft Azure or VMware-hosted clouds. SoftNAS Lift and Shift enables live data migration, avoiding the need to freeze production systems for days, weeks or months while data volumes are offline migrated to the cloud. With SoftNAS Platinum, customers leverage existing design and configure wizards or create their own data flows, processes, and templates, effectively ingesting and transforming any type of data.

“We are excited to have SoftNAS as a partner helping drive our Azure cloud practice growth.  The SoftNAS hybrid cloud data management platform gives our hybrid and public cloud customers advanced data management and orchestration capabilities to accelerate their corporate initiatives,” Mitchell Feldman, Chief Digital Officer, RedPixie.

“IT struggles with the exponentially increasing data generated by businesses from many different sources including Internet of Things.  We developed the SoftNAS Platinum product to simplify control and management of rapidly growing data complexity and volume,” said Rick Braddy, CEO, CTO and Founder of SoftNAS. “SoftNAS addresses the impracticalities that plague real-world, broader hybrid cloud adoption, so IT can control its data destiny, make its cloud journey easier, safer and faster, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.”  

A preview of SoftNAS Platinum beta features, including high-speed bulk data transfer, lift and shift of on-premises workloads to public cloud, many-to-one replication template and a commercially supported version of Apache NiFi, is now available. Existing customers that have upgraded to SoftNAS version 3.6 can access the beta features from the SoftNAS StorageCenter™. 


About SoftNAS

 Control Any Data. Any Cloud. Anywhere.

SoftNAS®, is the #1 cloud data platform company and leading software-defined NAS provider for the cloud. Our mission is to be the fabric for business data in the cloud. SoftNAS provides a software-centric architecture that enables frictionless data management and control of any data, any cloud, anywhere. The SoftNAS cloud data platform and CloudFabric™ architecture provide customers a unified, integrated way to aggregate, transform, accelerate, protect and store data and to easily create hybrid cloud solutions that bridge islands of data across SaaS, legacy systems, remote offices, factories, IoT, analytics, web services, SQL, NoSQL and the cloud – any kind of data.

SoftNAS provides the enterprise-class data security, protection, performance and high-availability required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS works with the most popular public, private, hybrid and premises-based cloud operating systems, including Amazon Web Services™, Microsoft® Azure™ and VMware vSphere®.

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