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Learn how SoftNAS Cloud uses Azure Cool Blob Storage, Hot Blob Storage, Standard Disks and Premium Disks — allowing customers to tune performance, cost, capacity and protection for different file systems and use cases. SoftNAS Cloud performance scales with the instance and storage types you choose. SoftNAS Cloud supports NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI and Apple File Protocol (AFP) file protocols.

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Using SoftNAS to frontend Azure Blob Storage has a number of advantages including:

  • Highly Scalable: Customers can scale cloud NAS deployment from gigabytes to petabytes, supporting up to 16PB.
  • No Application Re-coding: SoftNAS allows easy workload migrations to the Azure cloud without changing existing application code, data structures or workflows.
  • Improved Flexibility: Customers can create SoftNAS volumes using the Blob Storage tiers with the right mix of price and performance that best meets their needs.

With support for Azure Blob Storage, customers can choose Hot and Cool Storage tiers for Blob storage with:

  • Azure Hot Blob Storage – Object storage optimized for frequent I/O data.
  • Azure Cool Blob Storage – Object storage optimized for low I/O and low cost (safe-keeping of less frequently accessed file data).
  • Premium Disk Storage – SSD based block storage for high-performance, I/O intensive workloads.
  • Standard Disk Storage – HDD based block storage for general purpose workloads.

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