Webinar Recap | How to Implement Cloud Storage Gateway for S3 Cloud Storage

Buurst Staff

SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway enables on-premise and hybrid cloud storage deployment as a unified shared file system to maximize cost savings and flexibility.

S3 compatible object storage is the de facto standard for storing data in the cloud, whether you are using AWS, Cloudian, NetApp StorageGRID, or any of the other popular public clouds. At the same time, many SAN, backup, and other products do not interface directly with S3 compatible object storage.

{Video has been retired.}

This webinar will be presented by Eric Olson, Senior Director of Products at SoftNAS. Mr. Olson manages the software development and support teams at SoftNAS and brings over 18 years of high-tech experience to the SoftNAS team. Eric was a member of the United States Air Force and later worked as a contractor for Defense Information Systems Agency. Eric holds a Bachelors’s degree in Information technology.

In this webinar, Eric will demonstrate:

  • Building an on-premise hybrid cloud to an S3 compatible object store
  • Benefits of a feature-rich shared file system for an S3 compatible object store
  • Adding NFS and CIFS file services to an existing SAN, including VMware Virtual SAN
  • Fast, secure backup and archival to the cloud

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