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SoftNAS LLC achieved 50% average sustained revenue growth per month during the first half of 2014.

The company has grown its customer base to nearly 250 enterprise organizations across 12 countries, including several Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, GE Oil and Gas, and Netflix.

UBS AG surveyed 101 CIOs in the U.S. and Europe and found that more than half will gradually move some critical data to a public cloud; a third of respondents plan to move to a public cloud as quickly as possible.

“The tectonic plates of the datacenter are shifting,” said Simon Robinson, research VP, 451 Research. “While the adoption of cloud-based IT has been largely experimental to this point, the infrastructure and tools that enable cloud storage and infrastructure-as-a-service are maturing rapidly. Our research suggests that this is leading enterprises to increasingly turn to public, private and hybrid clouds for their mission-critical data and applications.”

SoftNAS has seen increased customer demand from enterprises across multiple industry verticals, particularly those in data-intensive fields such as video production/editing/storage, publishing and government. In the first half of the year, companies including McGraw Hill, Purdue University,, and the University of California Irvine have selected SoftNAS to protect their mission-critical data in the cloud.

“The biggest fear that enterprises have today is to lose control of their data, and SoftNAS is uniquely able to offer a no-compromise safety net that ensures non-stop business operations,” said SoftNAS CEO and founder Rick Braddy. “Our customers depend on SoftNAS to ensure their data is safe and available 100% of the time, and our tremendous growth this year underscores that trust.”

The company has released Version 3 of its SoftNAS/Enterprise product, an upgrade that incorporates features designed for ease-of-use, performance enhancement and data protection.

Version 3 includes:

SoftNAS/Enterprise – All SoftNAS Filer features, and includes the SoftNAS Unlimited Data Plan for up to 16PB of NAS Filer storage management. Includes SNAP HA automatic failover
Up to 300% performance improvement with latest Linux kernel and ZFS on Linux updates – Provides more IO/s and throughput for I/O intensive workloads
Active Directory Integration Wizard – Configures active directory in seven mouse clicks, providing easy configuration and integration with Active Directory for granular access control using Windows ACLs
Administrator Applet for StorageCenter – Configure monitoring thresholds, email notifications, login session timeout, logging levels and other settings
SAMBA v 4.1 with SMB3 protocol support – For faster I/O and Windows 7/8 compatibility
New NFS Version 4 UI module – Simplifies NFS configuration and set up
vCloud Hybrid Service support
CentOS 6.5 updates to latest OS version and security updates
Corporate initiatives and growth
Additionally, SoftNAS has created a program that enables managed hosting providers to leverage their existing investments in VMware infrastructure to offer multi-tenant NAS filers, such as SoftNAS, to their customers.

The company has also created a board of advisors to provide counsel on corporate strategy and direction. Members include Roger A. Ramsey, managing partner of Ramjet Capital Ltd; Scott Herren, SVP of finance for of CITRIX Systems; and Pete Jarvis, VP of strategy at Tidal Scale.

To meet its growing customer demand, SoftNAS is recruiting for positions in engineering, marketing and sales.

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