SoftNAS Helps VMware® Customers Extend IT Investments to Incorporate Powerful Cloud Storage, Backup and DR Capabilities

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SoftNAS runs as a virtual NAS appliance on VMware ESXi and the SoftNAS VM is allocated clustered storage. Storage volumes are allocated from storage pools and shared as NFS exports and VIDS/SMD shared.

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SoftNAS for VMware Offers Flexibility, Choice With Support, and Compatibility for All VMware-Compatible Hardware, Cloud Platforms

SoftNAS complements VMware virtual with an extensive NAS feature set, combined with unified storage access via NFS, CIFS/SMB, with Active Directory integration. SoftNAS extends the VMware environment to include highly durable Amazon S3 cloud storage, with additional petabytes of secure off-site cloud storage.

VMware customers can use SoftNAS for VMware to manage primary and secondary storage for private clouds and service providers, and for hybrid clouds with backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Also, SoftNAS has certified VMware’s vSphere® Data Protection™ Advanced product (VDP), enabling VMware admins to perform data backups, deduplication, and replication both locally and to the cloud faster and more efficiently.


SoftNAS VMware NAS supports all VMware-compatible storage media and network hardware and is compatible with all private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms. This flexibility has driven customer interest from industries that often face limited IT capital resources — ranging from small-to-medium businesses, educational institutions, government entities, media/publishing companies, and service providers. It runs as a virtual NAS appliance on VMware ESXi and the SoftNAS VM is allocated clustered storage.

Specific features of SoftNAS Cloud NAS for VMware ESXi include:

  • VDP Backup Server support for high-performance on-site and off-site backup storage using any VMware server and storage combination, plus Amazon S3 for off-site cloud storage
  • Hybrid HA™ Technology for Non-stop Cloud HA across Datacenters, with block replication, automatic failover, and seamless HA storage across routed data centers and routed networks using VMware vSwitch network virtualization
  • VMware Cloud Gateway to Amazon S3 provides near limitless, highly-durable object storage access via NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI for archival, off-site mass storage, and secure backups
  • VSAN-based NAS Filer for Private Clouds leverages VSAN as HA storage SAN, adding NAS filer features atop of VSAN for no-compromise software-defined storage and file sharing
  • Large-scale Windows Filer with Active Directory supports billions of files for an enterprise-scale file server, VDI user file storage via CIFS/SMB 3 protocol, including CIFS with durable S3 off-site mass storage
  • A large-scale NFS Server supports billions of files, videos, and other large-scale file server applications, including durable S3 off-site mass storage
  • Simply Powerful™ NAS Filer protects mission-critical data, providing 99.999% availability for VMware hosts and HA clusters by turning VMware hosts into HA storage servers
  • Powerful NAS Filer capabilities including RAM cache, SSD cache, scheduled storage snapshots, writable clones, SnapReplicate™ block replication, thin-provisioning, deduplication, compression, dynamic storage pool expansion, and more
  • Robust StorageCenter™ web-based administrator interface for IT and VMware administrators — easy to learn and use without training or skills other than VMware
  • Non-stop operation with high availability and automatic failover; dual controllers on-premise, dual controllers across premise, and vCHS with Hybrid HA
  • SnapReplicate™ block-replication to another VMware data center or Amazon AWS® for real-time off-site backup and disaster recovery scales to billions of files
  • Unified NFS v3 and v4 with LDAP, CIFS with Active Directory integration, and iSCSI support
  • API and CLI for programmatic administration and DevOps agile cloud infrastructure

“In the cloud, ease of use and flexibility trump complexity. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to reap the benefits of powerful, enterprise-grade storage in the cloud or on-premise,” said Rick Braddy, CEO and founder of SoftNAS. “This latest offering puts the power of software-defined storage in the hands of VMware administrators everywhere, finally giving admins the freedom to leverage the richness of VMware’s many platforms and tools and transform VMware itself into a powerful storage platform.”

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About SoftNAS

Buurst SoftNAS is a hybrid cloud data integration product, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance, backups, and data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally. Customers save time and money while increasing efficiency.

SoftNAS provides customers a unified, integrated way to aggregate, transform, accelerate, protect and store data and to easily create hybrid cloud solutions that bridge islands of data across SaaS, legacy systems, remote offices, factories, IoT, analytics, AI, and machine learning, web services, SQL, NoSQL and the cloud – any kind of data.

SoftNAS works with the most popular public, private, hybrid, and premises-based virtual cloud operating systems, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere.

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