SoftNAS coming soon, and other SoftNAS happenings

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I’ve been super busy lately getting ready for our upcoming launch of a new product, SoftNAS, which is 100% focused on cloud computing. The product will be the first true on-demand NAS for Amazon EC2 customers that’s available on an hourly basis through the AWS Marketplace.

Pricing will be announced during the launch, but I can say this… there will also be a free, full-featured version of SoftNAS available, as well.

More as we get closer to launch day!

Meanwhile, check out the completely-redesigned SoftNAS Pro product pages. How do you like the Mac dock-style feature icons? Should be natural enough for Mac users… but what about everyone else?

We’re well underway with Active/Passive HA and automatic failover. We also have a working prototype of Active/Active clustering, which is still in R&D. And we’re close to finishing a new Disk Devices wizard that will make it super-easy to partition large numbers of disk devices. We have some customers who need to partition several hundred drives, and doing each one manually is not going to cut it, so the new “Partition All” feature will be a great improvement.

Oh – did I forget to mention that we’re also about to launch SoftNAS 1.2? Here’s a sneak-peek at the new SoftNAS Console that’s part of 1.2, for VMware (there’s no console on EC2). Here’s a couple of screenshots.

The first one is the main console page, which shows the current IP address and login URL for StorageCenter.


The next one is the main configuration menu.


As you can see, the SoftNAS Console is similar to the VMware host console, used to configure networking, date/time and other appliance level configuration, so it should be a snap to make use of it. To log into the Linux desktop, just press F8 and the SoftNAS Console exits and launches the desktop session.

Stay tuned – lots more coming soon!

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