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Buurst provides a frictionless customer experience and is the only cloud software storage company to offer a No Storage Downtime Guarantee™. Fortune 500 to SMB companies across multiple industry verticals trust our cloud NAS product, SoftNAS with their mission-critical data.

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SoftNAS® Migration & Upgrade Advisory

SoftNAS versions 3, 4, and up to 5.1 are no longer supported!

Buurst is disrupting the cloud storage industry with our innovative solution that changes the way you think about your data on the cloud.

Making Data Affordable in the Cloud

Buurst is a trusted provider of high-performance cloud applications, notably a Cloud NAS, object storage filer, and cloud data management software called SoftNAS, which allows companies to migrate their data and applications into the cloud without re-engineering.

Our cloud-native NAS, SoftNAS leads the industry in performance while saving significant costs by not double billing cloud storage. With built-in security, major protocol support, and an easy-to-operate lift & shift feature, SoftNAS is not only cost-effective but also proven at the Petabyte scale on AWS, Azure, and VMware.

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“Old problems that were blockers before suddenly become obsolete as new capabilities emerge. Partnerships like the one we have with Buurst are really critical to our ability to leverage new capabilities.”

Andy Anglin, Director Cloud Technologies, Halliburton

High-Performance Cloud Storage Solution

SoftNAS is a Linux-based virtual appliance deployed on public and private cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere. SoftNAS can also run on RHEL 8.2 if customers prefer it over CentOS.

SoftNAS provides unified storage designed and optimized for high-performance, higher than normal I/O per second (IOPS), and data reliability and recoverability. It also increases storage efficiency through thin-provisioning, compression, and deduplication.


“SoftNAS has an elegant solution and makes a customer’s life easy. The reliability that SoftNAS products offer, means customers don’t have to get in and mess around with it – saving valuable time and precious resources.”

Rudy Pataro, Founder, MagHub

About Buurst

Buurst is committed to enabling the best data performance with the best cloud economics.

Buurst, formerly known as SoftNAS, was founded in 2012 by Rick Braddy. At the time, Rick was a disgruntled storage customer himself, fed up with traditional on-premise storage and the high costs associated with it.  Rick saw a gap that needed to be filled with his client’s infrastructure.

High Performance Cloud Storage

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