SoftNAS Cloud NAS® for Amazon EC2

SoftNAS® for Amazon EC2 is a virtual cloud storage appliance, that provides trusted, commercial-grade NAS capabilities for EC2 cloud business computing workloads. EC2 workloads include web servers, SaaS applications, SQL database servers, Exchange servers, Windows Remote Desktop Servers, Citrix XenApp servers, etc.

SoftNAS® for Amazon EC2 provides flexible, full-featured storage capabilities for trusted cloud computing applications.

Amazon EC2 Cloud Storage Solutions

SoftNAS® for EC2 can leverage flexible Elastic IP addresses or Virtual IP addresses, making it fast and easy to fail over across availability zones and regions (i.e., different data centers). It’s also straightforward to quickly replicate a SoftNAS instance from one availability zone to other geographic region so that data is always available and performs well for geographically local users and communities.

And because SoftNAS® for EC2 uses Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for raw data storage, backup and restore operations are fast and easy.

The Amazon EC2 cloud computing environment, which will be referred to simply as EC2 hereinafter, is a robust, powerful virtualization and computing system with many options and capabilities. For our purposes here, we will focus on installing SoftNAS® and configuring it for basic use. Additional options exist for increasing performance and throughput, for databases and other more demanding applications, which will also be covered briefly.

This section provides concepts that may be helpful for the first-time Amazon EC2 customer along with useful guidelines for making decisions about how to configure SoftNAS® for best results in the EC2 computing environment.

High Availability

Snap HA is for customers who need 5-9’s availability to replicate data from a primary node to the secondary node in an HA pair. SoftNAS’ unique, patented high-availability technology, enabling only SoftNAS to provide a No Downtime Guarantee SLA for its customer’s peace of mind in the cloud.

SoftNAS SNAP HA High Availability delivers a low-cost, low complexity solution for high-availability clustering that is easy to deploy and manage. A robust set of HA capabilities protect against data center, availability zone, server, network, and storage subsystem failures to keep business running without downtime. SNAP HA for Amazon Web Services (AWS) includes patent-pending Elastic HA™ technology, providing NAS clients in any availability zone uninterrupted HA access to the storage cluster across availability zones.

SoftNAS Cloud NAS extends support to AWS Outposts. 

Why SoftNAS AWS NAS Storage?

Proven NAS solution for the AWS platform with over 9 years of availability.

SoftNAS offers AWS customers an enterprise-ready NAS capable of managing your fast-growing data storage challenges including AWS Outpost availability. Dedicated features from SoftNAS deliver significant cost savings, high availability, lift and shift data migration, and a variety of security protection.