A letter from our CEO and President
Garry Olah
April 12, 2020

Backed by our strong customer success, SoftNAS is now evolving further to smash the rules of cloud storage, dramatically changing the cloud storage business. SoftNAS is now Buurst – and it’s disrupting the cloud storage industry, and your data is going to be amazing in the cloud.

Storage vendors want to sell you more storage, but here at Buurst, our only motivation is to provide your business better application performance, lower cloud storage costs, and the control and availability you need unlock new opportunities to enable success for your business.

SoftNAS was born from an unmet need for enterprise-grade NAS software to be available to cloud computing and virtual computing customers. As our flagship CloudNAS product, Softnas has hundreds of happy enterprise customers, who all had the same problem: How do I migrate my data to the cloud and get the best performance at the best possible price? At Buurst we are customer first and truly excited serve you. These core values have guided us with everything we have done up to this point and will help us continue to do so as we evolve. We will continue to think about your data differently. We are honored for you to join us on this journey, and to learn how we can help your company achieve its goals. We are and will always be here for you and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions and feedback.

Our executive leadership team, alongside our employees, are here to serve you. Please check out our profiles to get familiar with us:</p

  • Rick Braddy, Founder & CTO

  • Alex Rublowsky, CMO

  • Krupa Amalani CFO

  • Vic Mahadevan Chairman, Board of Directors

  • Marc Palombo, CRO

Together, let’s be amazing and smash the rules of cloud storage!

Garry Olah, President & CEO


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