SoftNAS V4 Cuts Time and Complexities of Cloud Migration Projects “by Up to 90%”

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SoftNAS cuts the time and complexities of cloud data migration projects by up to 90%

SoftNAS delivers cloud storage cost savings by leveraging durable, low-cost cloud object storage. It cuts the time and complexities of cloud data migration projects by up to 90%, turning months into weeks and simplifying live data migrations to the cloud. It enables customers to connect any kind of data to the cloud anywhere in the world.

It addresses the impediments that block real-world cloud adoption, revolving around common cloud storage uses cases: primary and secondary cloud file storage, workload and application cloud migration, hybrid cloud and synthetic cloud backups in partnership with Veeam Software, Inc.

SoftNAS accelerates high-speed global data transfers up to twenty times faster with its patented UltraFast technology, enabling customers to connect remote offices, branch offices, factories and IoT at the edge with the cloud.

Features of SoftNAS 4 address the impediments that block real-world cloud adoption, revolving around common cloud storage uses cases: primary and secondary cloud file storage, workload and application cloud migration, hybrid cloud and synthetic cloud backups in partnership with Veeam. The company conducted customer interviews and identified 18 discrete cloud adoption barriers that SoftNAS 4 solve.

“Based upon our multi-cloud research we uncovered a number of challenges customers are struggling with to take advantage of public cloud infrastructure. SoftNAS 4 addresses many of the customer data management and control challenges head on with its unique combination of cloud NAS, bulk data transfer acceleration and data integration capabilities. SoftNAS is delivering a robust cloud data fabric companies can use as a strategy to more quickly adopt the cloud and save time and money in the process,” said Jeff Kato, senior analyst, The Taneja Group.

“Today we are delivering on our company mission and the vision to become the fabric for business data in the cloud. After three years of relentless company focus, strategic input from our cloud platform partners and customers, we have produced what I believe is the gold standard in cloud data control and management software,” said Rick Braddy, CEO/CTO and founder, SoftNAS. “When I founded SoftNAS six years ago as a disgruntled traditional storage customer, my goals were to reduce the high costs of storage, make it easier to connect applications with the cloud and keep IT in control of its destiny in the cloud. SoftNAS 4 is the realization of those goals and I invite customers and partners to start benefiting from it today,” Braddy said.

SoftNAS 4 features include:

  • UltraFast is the company’s patented technology that saves on time and costs by accelerating global bulk data movement up to twenty times faster than standard TCP/IP protocols at one tenth the cost of alternative bulk data transfer solutions. UltraFast accelerates transfers of data into, out of and across private, public, hybrid clouds and multi-clouds.
  • UltraFast overcomes up to 4,000ms of latency and up to 10% packet loss due to network congestion, connecting remote locations with the cloud over any kind of network conditions.
  • Lift and Shift with continuous sync enables live migration of production data and workloads and keeps content up-to-date when moving data to the cloud, between datacenters and/or distributing it to remote locations. Automatic restart and suspend/resume ensures bulk data transfer jobs run reliably while bandwidth schedules enable customers to open or throttle network usage. Lift and Shift works with UltraFast, so migrations can take place over any kind of network anywhere in the world.

  • FlexFiles integrates and transforms 24 types of data by leveraging Apache NiFi and a set of pre-built data integration processors. With FlexFiles, customers can tackle massively complex data integration projects combining file systems, Hadoop, Redshift, HTTP(S), Web Services, SQL/noSQL, XML, S3/Blob Objects and Custom Data Integrations.

  • FlexFiles makes connecting a customer’s business with the cloud and SaaS services to integrate through a drag and drop interface with no programming required. It also leverages UltraFast, enabling customers to leverage FlexFiles and Apache NiFi over any network conditions.

  • ObjFast makes cloud object storage run at near-block-level performance while still taking advantage of object storage pricing, which results in up to 67% cost savings vs. block storage alone. It throttles data transfer to cloud object storage so it’s as fast as possible without exceeding AWS or Azure object storage R/W capabilities.

  • ObjFast’s patent-pending acceleration technology has been optimized, tested, and certified for Veeam Synthetic Full Backups, so Veeam cloud backup, copy jobs, and recovery runs at near-block-level performance with the public cloud.

  • SmartTiers is a patent-pending automated storage tiering feature that moves aging data from more expensive, high-performance block storage to less expensive object storage, according to customer-set policies, reducing public cloud storage costs by up to 67% and is available for beta testing.

SoftNAS 4 is available in three product editions that run on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and vSphere. Customers will be able to launch all company’s cloud products on-demand, directly from the AWS and Azure Marketplaces to spin up cloud data solutions in just minutes with no prior purchasing approvals.


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