A virtual machine (VM), providing a broad range of software-defined capabilities, including data performance, cost management, availability, control, and security?

It’s called SoftNAS.

SoftNAS is a Linux-based virtual appliance that’s deployed on modern hypervisor-based systems, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware vSphere.

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“Old problems that were blockers before suddenly become obsolete as new capabilities emerge. Partnerships like the one we have with Buurst are really critical to our ability to leverage new capabilities.”

Andy Anglin, Director Cloud Technologies, Halliburton

data migration

Fast, seamless migration

Migrate quickly with point and click file transfers and automatic suspend/resume to ensure your data is always available and up to date.​

Optimized performance

Optimized performance

Apply all the configuration variables you need to get the maximum performance for your data.

Data control and security

Data control and security

Gain control of the native storage options on the cloud of your choice while encrypting at-rest and in-flight data​.

Cross-zone high availability

Cross-zone high availability

Ensure applications are running at optimal levels with cross-zone high availability to provide automatic failover capabilities and a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Cost Management

Control cloud storage costs

Automate dynamic storage tiering through block-based space optimization to drive down cloud storage costs by up to 67%​.

Connect with a Cloud Storage Expert

Seamlessly lift and shift your data to the cloud and unlock new possibilities and insights by transforming, reshaping, and reformatting your data on the cloud of your choice. SoftNAS can increase cloud application performance with 23x faster throughput, 18x better IOPs, and 24x less latency than other cloud storage solutions.

Virtual Cloud NAS 

SoftNAS provides enterprise-level cloud NAS featuring data performance, security, high availability (HA), and support for the industry’s most extensive set of storage protocols: NFS, CIFS/SMB-AD, and iSCSI.

SoftNAS on AWS

SoftNAS provides NAS capabilities suitable for the enterprise, including Multi-Availability Zone high availability with automatic failover in the AWS Cloud. It runs within the customer’s AWS account offers business-critical data protection required for the nonstop operation of applications, websites, and IT infrastructure on AWS.

SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS on Azure

SoftNAS designed to support a variety of market verticals, use cases, and workload types. Increasingly, SoftNAS deployed on the Azure platform to enable block and file storage services through Common Internet File System (CIFS), NFS, AFP, and iSCSI.

SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS on VMware

SoftNAS supports all VMware-compatible storage media and network hardware and is compatible with all private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms. This flexibility has driven customer interest from industries that often face limited IT capital resources, ranging from small-to-medium businesses, educational institutions, government entities, media or publishing companies, and service providers.