Store Veeam Backups in the Cloud

Move on-premises Veeam Synthetic Full Backups to the cloud, gaining speed and scalability.

Optimized, Tested, and Certified for Veeam Synthetic Full Backups

Get a fast data path for cloud backups and restores with reliability, performance- and cost-effective storage for any data-driven business. Run 400% faster at near block-level performance, but for object-storage pricing.

Run Veeam Synthetic Full Backups in the Cloud

 Veeam Backups

Your Challenge

You run a business in a regulated industry and need to keep two copies of your backup data to meet compliance requirements. You like using Veeam for on-premises backups but would also like to use it for cloud data storage.

How We Help

Use Veeam Synthetic Full Backup with SoftNAS to perform cloud backups that push native cloud object storage up to 400% faster. You can back up more data to the cloud, save on storage, and keep your cloud backups secured with encryption and strong access controls.

Overcome Veeam Backup Space Shortages.

Overcome Veeam Backup Space Shortages

Your Challenge

You’ve used Veeam successfully for on-premises backups, but your data is growing so fast that you’re at capacity. You’d like to move Veeam backups to the cloud for scalability and cost advantages.

How We Help

Use SoftNAS to move Veeam backups to the cloud. You’ll get bottomless storage, better Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, and the ability to automatically throttle data transfer to cloud object storage, so it is as fast as possible without exceeding read/write capabilities.

Quickly Restore Veeam VMs from Cloud Backups.

Quickly Restore Veeam VMs from Cloud Backups

Your Challenge

When you have an outage, you need to recover data from your Veeam backup fast. You don’t want to rely on public cloud services and risk performance issues or timeouts impacting you at the worst possible moment when you’re looking to get back online fast.

How We Help

Push Veeam fast, two ways. SoftNAS uses two types of acceleration technology – one to boost Veeam Synthetic Full Backup speeds and the other to make cloud object storage run 400% faster. You can use object storage and get near-block-level performance and reliability.



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