Financial Services Cloud Computing

Secure, High-performance, Scalable Cloud NAS for Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services Cloud Computing.

SoftNAS Cloud NAS for Banking, Insurance, and  Financial Services Industries

Financial services are at the forefront of big data analytics, requiring massive amounts of storage capacity, real-time access for deep analytics, and secure data access for regulatory compliance. SoftNAS offers a cloud NAS that can scale to handle the demanding workloads and immense volume of financial-based services.

Financial Services Cloud Computing

The most resilient Storage product for the Banking & Finance industry

Banking & Finance must apply rigorous methodology, process, and technology to keep data secure and highly available. Buurst SoftNAS delivers Cloud storage performance for Cloud applications to run at the speed of the market.

Cloud storage cost control:

  • Performance-based pricing, not storage-based pricing
  • Deduplication and compression for 50% cost reduction

Cloud storage security:

  • 360-degree encryption
  • Cloud storage with 3rd party key managers

Cloud storage High Availability:

  • 5-9’s uptime guaranteed SLA
  • Availability zone replication

    Architecture and Technology

    SoftNAS runs as a Linux®-based, 64-bit CentOS redistribution guest OS treated as a VM in a virtual server environment. In many use cases, storage devices are attached to the physical hardware layer, then presented to SoftNAS as a VM running Linux.

    SoftNAS operates on an industry-standard Linux platform and uses a derivative of the Zettabyte File System® (ZFS), an open-source project originally released on OpenSolaris® by Sun Microsystems, Inc. This makes SoftNAS able to leverage many ZFS features and add layers of functionality for NAS solutions in virtual computing and cloud computing.

    An Apache webserver provides robust, secure access along with Secure Shell® (SSH). Storage is accessible via TCP/IP protocols including NFS v3, NFS v4, SMB/CIFS (Microsoft® Windows File Shares), and iSCSI.  Also integrated into SoftNAS is Apache NiFi technology, providing powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic.

    SoftNAS is packaged with a primary administration interface called SoftNAS StorageCenter™, which provides commercial-grade storage administration and management functionalities for businesses of all sizes. 

    Benefits of using Cloud NAS 

    360-degree Data Encryption™

    Secure data access for regulatory compliance is necessary for nearly all financial applications. With SoftNAS 360-degree Data Encryption, data at rest is encrypted through open-source Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKs). LUKs is accepted as the standard for encryption of stored data. Data in flight is encrypted for CIFS and NFS file protocols. Data at rest even protects data when SoftNAS is powered down and disks are accessed directly.

    No Downtime Guarantee

    With the No Downtime Guarantee, SoftNAS delivers 99.999% storage uptime service-level agreement with a money-back guarantee. Learn more.


    High-Speed Storage Access

    Multi-level caching and S3 block cache enhance read/write performance for high-speed storage access to complete production and post-production of large videos. Read cache can be expanded with Amazon S3 or SSD.

    Efficiency Optimization

    Compression and deduplication help manage banking data volume to improve storage efficiency and performance.

    No Maintenance Disruptions

    Eliminate downtime as a business challenge with non-disruptive upgrades, maintenance, and fixes.


    Use Cases


    Banking institutions must confront challenges like new security compliance regulations, increased use of mobile apps and social media, and more customer personalization through big data analytics. SoftNAS provides the flexible, scalable, high-performance cloud storage solution that banks need to compete to rise to these challenges.

    Financial Markets

    Investors and traders need to be simplified, scalable IT solutions to tackle rapid change and fierce global competition. SoftNAS delivers the high-performance scalable storage needed for big data analytics and the high-speed storage access required to model, analyze, and assess risk in real-time without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.


    Fast-moving regulatory environments and customer demands are forcing insurance companies to improve their analytical models to better compute risks and determine profitable cost structures. SoftNAS delivers high-speed storage access with the efficiency capabilities required to handle real-time customer data analytics.

    Secure, High-performance, Scalable Cloud NAS for Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services Cloud Computing.

    Get high-speed, reliable cloud storage at affordable prices.

    Buurst SoftNAS is a hybrid cloud data integration product, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance, backups, and data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally. Customers save time and money while increasing efficiency.


    SoftNAS supports the following platforms: