BuurstTM SoftNAS® on Microsoft Azure

With SoftNAS on Azure you get enterprise NAS services, with NVMe, SSD,and HDD block storage performance


Use less expensive block storage for both Windows and Linux clients.

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Capabilities such as storage tiering, data deduplication, and data compression can save as much as 80% on your storage expenses.

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Achieve performance through SoftNAS dedicated storage, not by adding more shared storage.

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Deploying SoftNAS on Azure

View our guides and video tutorials to get your business seamlessly up and running with SoftNAS on Azure.

SoftNAS on Azure Installation Guide

Read guidance on how to set up a POC and configure your environment

SoftNAS on Azure Tutorial Videos

Watch step-by-step videos from prerequisites and planning to configuring your SoftNAS instance on Azure

Why are organizations using SoftNAS on Azure?

With SoftNAS on Azure, you’re not paying for storage capacity. SofNAS provides the resources needed to get your new environment configured on Azure. SoftNAS enables you to apply on the configuration variables you need to get the maximum performance and control for petabytes of data on Azure. An intuitive HTML5-based admin GUI with dashboards help monitor and manage disk space, shares, and other granular controls, with an administrator applet to configure monitoring alert thresholds, login session timeout, and logging levels.

“SoftNAS Cloud is a flexible application with a light footprint, which offers a CIFS and a hot spare feature rarely found with other vendors. We have been pleased with the competitive price.”

– Reza Kertadjaja, Chief Operating Officer – IndonesianCloud

Why customers are choosing SoftNAS with Azure-based storage

With SoftNAS on Azure, you have control over your data. You can reduce the cost of your storage to keep your controller happy. You determine the performance to give users and applications the best cloud experience possible. You decide the availability to meet your SLA’s. You control the security from Admins, applications, users, to maintain a high level of compliance. Buurst is here to ensure you get the most out of your investment in Azure.


Choose Azure with SoftNAS when:

  • You want to maintain control of your data
  • Reduce the cost of cloud storage by:
    • Using low-cost/high-performance block storage
    • Enable deduplication, compression and tiering
  • Increase performance for your cloud applications with faster storage
  • Need 99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
  • Support Windows and Linux for the same storage pools

Buurst SoftNAS


Lowest $/Storage
Lowest $/Perf


99.999% SLA
Cross region replication
Availability zone HA
Patented HA


Control cloud cost icon Cost Deduplication yes
Compression yes
Tiering yes
Lowest $/Storage yes
Lowest $/Perf yes
HA 99.999% SLA yes
Cross region replication yes
Availability Zone HA yes
Patented HA yes
control and security icon Protocols NFS yes
iSCI yes

SoftNAS Azure Pricing



Disaster recovery storage

Azure Specs

vCPU: Up to 2

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on D2S_v3 instance:

  • vCPU: 2
  • IOPs: 3,200
  • Throughput: 48 MBps



Cloud migration

Azure Specs

vCPU: Up to 4

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on D4S_v3 instance:

  • vCPU: 4
  • IOPs: 6,400
  • Throughput: 96 MBps



SaaS applications

Azure Specs

vCPU: Up to 8

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on D8s_v3 instance:

  • vCPU: 8
  • IOPs: 12,800
  • Throughput: 192 MBps



SQL/NoSQL databases

Azure Specs

vCPU: Up to 20

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on D165_v3 instance:

  • vCPU: 20
  • IOPs: 25,600
  • Throughput: 384 MBps



Legacy applications, virtual desktops

Azure Specs

vCPU: Up to 48

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on D48s_v3 instance:

  • vCPU: 48
  • IOPs: 76,800
  • Throughput: 1,152 MBps




Azure Specs

vCPU: >48

Storage: No additional charge

Example specs based on E64S_v3 instance:

  • >48 vCPU
  • IOPs: 80,000
  • Throughput: 1,200 MBps