Buurst SoftNAS® Lift and Shift Data Migration 

Cost-effective data migration solution

Move data to the cloud for economies of scale and disaster recovery, all while reducing data storage expenses.

Reduce the Cost of Data Management in the Cloud  

Buurst SoftNAS has made moving to the cloud possible, seamless, and the most cost-effective data migration solution for your business. It connects directly to on-premises data to seamlessly replicate or migrate data continuously or as a one-off data transfer.  

SoftNAS expands data management options for IT looking to reduce data storage costs, create faster data backupsand prepare for disaster recovery while delivering 99.999% uptime with Buurst’s No Downtime Guarantee 

Eliminate on-premises hardware costs

SoftNAS eliminates the need to purchase and operate on-premises hardware with capacity limitations.  

Deploy to the cloud of your choice

SoftNAS is available for AWS, Azure, and VMware clouds allowing for flexibility in storage options.

Expand as your data grows

SoftNAS eliminates the need to purchase and operate on-premises hardware with capacity limitations.  

Enterprise toolsets

SoftNAS provides extensive tooling for data control, performance, and availability at a flexible pricing model.  

Lift & Shift Data Migration

Built-in to SoftNAS is our dynamic point-and-click Lift & Shift wizard, enabling the migration of live data to the cloud even while in production without any development coding changes. The addition of our patented UltraFast technology ensures rapid data transfers up to 20x faster, even over noisy networks with latency challenges.

Lift and Shift: 5 Minute Demo

Watch the overview video of SoftNAS migration of data from an on-premise file server to the cloud.

(captions available in English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish (Latin), and Portuguese (Brazilian))

SoftNAS Lift and Shift migration feature 

SoftNAS provides live migration of production data and workloads and “keeps content up-to-date when moving data to the cloud, between data centers and/or distributing it to remote locations.”

SoftNAS FlexFiles leverages Apache NiFi and other pre-built data integration processors to integrate and transform 24 different types of data. According to the press release, customers will be able to “tackle massively complex data integration projects combining file systems, Hadoop, Redshift, HTTP(S), Web Services, SQL/NoSQL, XML, S3/Blob Objects and Custom Data Integrations.”

Lift and Shift File Migration

It’s a key feature of SoftNAS Cloud NAS, enabling users to migrate data from one platform to another, whether from on-premise to cloud or between different cloud providers while maintaining continuous synchronization. SoftNAS® is a Cloud Data orchestration product, focusing on simplifying pain points within the marketplace.

As businesses continue to look for ways to increase efficiency and improve their bottom line, more and more look to the cloud. With increased flexibility, and the ability to cut out the high cost of hardware and hardware maintenance, the cloud is seen as the solution of the future, even though many are uncertain how to implement it.

SoftNAS hopes to make navigating the cloud a great deal easier, so that organizations can leverage the simplified business continuity strategies, and reduced infrastructure, maintenance, and service costs, without requiring advanced software and platform training.


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Cost Management
Great Performing Data in the Cloud Doesn’t Need to Cost a Fortune

Move your on-premises data today with Buurst and learn how to remove obstacles that  prevent your organization from unlocking robust capabilities that position you for future growth.