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Curb your unmanageable backup window and free your network resources.

With Big Data and ever-growing business databases, today’s backup window is an unmanageable behemoth that hogs precious network resources during critical business operations. SoftNAS backs up your data in the background, so your network is never bogged down. And SoftNAS can serve as a backup target for your favorite backup tools like EMC, IBM, Commvault, Symantec, Veeam, and Nakivo.

Cloud Backup


Restoration and Recovery Roll-back

SoftNAS Cloud NAS SnapReplicate™ captures application changes. Changes can be recovered from a previous point in time in case of application failures, malware, or other lifecycle changes.

Greater Throughput

Faster backups and recovery times with data deduplication and local disk-based caching that streams in the background.


Incremental Capacity Scaling

Scale up or down easily to fit your backup needs at the moment.

Resilient Design

Easy-to-configure High-Availability (HA) allows for better resiliency versus a traditional backup environment.

Storage Tiering

Move archived data from S3 storage to AWS Glacier for long-term storage, as cost and business compliance rules dictate.

Use Cases

On-premises to Cloud Backup

With SoftNAS SnapReplicate, easily replicate and backup your data from your VMware datacenter to the AWS, Azure, or CenturyLink Cloud public clouds. Eliminate physical backup tapes by archiving data in inexpensive S3 storage or to cold storage like AWS Glacier for long-term storage. For stringent Recovery Point Objectives, SoftNAS can also serve as an on-premises backup or primary storage target for local area network (LAN) connected backups as well.


Faster Backup and Archival

As a business’ data grows, the backup window can become unmanageable and tie up precious network resources during business hours. SoftNAS local disk-based caching reduces the backup window by streaming data in the background for better WAN optimization.


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