SoftNAS® Cost Saving Calculator

Feature Rich, Enterprise-Level Cloud NAS with HA, Multi-Protocol, and Block Storage

SoftNAS® Cost Saving Calculator

Feature Rich, Enterprise-Level Cloud NAS with HA, Multi-Protocol, and Block Storage

Calculate savings on AWS EFS or Azure Files with Buurst SoftNAS Cost Saving Calculator

AWS Elastic File System
Azure Files
SINGLE (Single zone, no HA)
SNAP HA (Dual zone HA 99.999% uptime guarantee)

Monthly Savings with Buurst

Output results based on SoftNAS 800 for comparison purpose

Cost savings with Buurst


$101,029 savings per month

$101,029 per year

$101,029 over five years

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SoftNASAzure Files
T1 Storage
T2 Storage
T1 Storage
T2 Storage

Buurst SoftNAS Performance-Based Pricing

Buurst unbundles the cost of storage and performance. Since Buurst does not charge you for storage, attach as much as needed. When you need to add storage performance, add additional SoftNAS computing power to your existing storage. At Buurst, our focus is providing you with the best performance, availability, cost management, migration, and control. We’ve carried this through our pricing model to ensure you’re getting the best data experience on the cloud of your choice.

Buurst SoftNAS Azure NetApp Files NetApp ONTAP Azure Files AWS EFS AWS FSx
Cost Deduplication yes yes yes yes
Compression yes yes yes
Tiering yes yes yes yes
Lowest $ / Storage yes
Lowest $ / Perf yes
HA 99.999% SLA yes yes
Cross Region Replication yes yes yes yes yes
Cross Zone HA  yes yes yes
Protocols NFS yes yes yes yes yes
iSCSI yes yes yes
CIFS/SMB yes yes yes yes yes
Simultaneously NFS / CIFS yes yes yes

High Availability

SoftNAS offers a choice for your high availability needs. In the cloud, block storage provides 99.9% durability or more for servers with direct-attached storage. Snap HA is for customers who want highly available (enterprise) features of a NAS in the cloud.

High Availability 99.999%
SoftNAS 2 Controllers
Storage Two sets of redundant RAID storage
Availability Zones Two zones
Replicate across availability zones Yes
Virtual IP (VIP) Yes

SoftNAS Customers


Halliburton geoscience processing and simulation tool DecisionSpace® 365 manages petabytes of data with 80% cost savings from SoftNAS 


    SoftNAS delivers 5-9’s availability of cloud storage for their Fintech enterprise SaaS application  

        control and security icon

        SoftNAS enabled live SaaS data migration to AWS while offering additional file protocols such as NSF, iSCSI, and CIFS.