High-Performance Data is Fundamental for Fintech

Buurst can Manage Data at Petabyte Scale Affordably

Why Buurst SoftNAS for Fintech?  

Over $50bn is invested in Fintech every year, with more than 500 new competitors entering the industry. These competitors are launching directly with cloud-native technology to meet customer demand and skip over established vendors’ technology life cycles. Over 67% of financial transactions are now online, and high-performance data management in the cloud is no longer a nice to have.

Buurst SoftNAS offers instant cloud-native migration for on-premise services to the cloud without any code rewrites. Our secure, built-in data migration technology moves data quickly to AWS or Azure while also supporting Vmware on-premise capability.

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“We have extensively tested replication across availability zones, failover and failback features of SoftNAS Snap HA and found all features worked with no problems. Fortunately, the SoftNAS NAS has ran so well that we have never seen a failover while in production, but we are glad we have the peace of mind that HA is there in case we need it.”

Suresh Babu Marella, Senior Director, Cloud Infrastructure, HighRadius

HighRadius uses SoftNAS to make cloud storage highly available


HighRadius needed to provide customers high availability for cloud storage. Other cloud storage solutions did not offer the availability uptime to meet customer SLA contracts.

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HighRadius chose SoftNAS with Snap HA to deliver 5-9’s availability of cloud storage. Snap HA availability allows failover across availability zones in case a zone has an outage.


HighRadius customers have confidence in the availability of the Highradius solution and the SLA contracts they have defined.

Why HighRadius chose SoftNAS

After trying other solutions, the technical evaluation team at HighRadius proceeded with an evaluation of SoftNAS HA with Snap HA. The team tested the replication of data between availability zones and the failover and failback capabilities of SoftNAS.

After an extensive evaluation, HighRadius felt comfortable with the technology and the support staff at SoftNAS to roll into production. Currently, High Radius uses SoftNAS to deliver HA cloud storage for their Fintech enterprise SaaS application



• No Storage Downtime Guarantee
• 5-9’s uptime SLA
• Easy setup and fast storage deployment
• Enterprise-grade security
• Support for all major file protocols
• Built-in data protection
• Petabyte-scale

Deploy to the cloud of your choice

SoftNAS for High Availability

HighRadius knows how to move customers’ financial data to the cloud and run advanced analytics with AI cloud services. They also know that customers’ data is the business’s DNA and, therefore, must be protected at all costs. High Radius needed a partner to provide to ensure their customers’ data will be highly available.

HighRadius chose Buurst SoftNAS as the strategic partner to ensure the data is highly available across availability zones and provide failover and auto failback features to ensure the data has availability and the lowest latency to the customers’ location.

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