Buurst Fuusion

Turn edge data into insights

What is Buurst Fuusion?

Buurst Fuusion is the only edge solution to connect business data from remote locations to the most powerful cloud services, regardless of your data’s original format. Whether or not it’s running as a container, existing hardware, or a virtual machine, Fuusion works for you.

Watch and Listen – Fuusion Media

Rick Braddy, CTO and Co-Founder provides an overview of Buurst Fuusion including the challenges IT, DevOps and DataOps face in managing off-cloud and on-cloud data.

Ross Ethridge, Lead Engineer goes behind the scenes of Buurst Fuusion to offer engineers a technical overview of the product including the adoption of Apache NiFi as the platform for the tool.

Fuusion Capabilities


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Visual Data Flow

Connect to any edge data

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Transfer data across
slow dirty networks

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Fuusion Toolbox

Reshape data for AI/ML with solution templates

Buurst Fuusion gives you the freedom to unlock the untapped value of edge data at scale

A data platform to connect any edge data with any cloud storage, AI/ML, and other cloud services

Optimized productivity by removing barriers and increasing your ability to manage change

Confidence to securely deliver AI/ML insights across your enterprise with faster time-to-production

Deploy anywhere

Deploy on physical machines, VMs, or containers.


Turn edge data into insights – Get started!