Buurst FuusionTM

Edge Data Pipeline

Buurst Fuusion securely enables edge to cloud and cloud to edge data transfer over any network, especially high latency.

Buurst FuusionTM

Edge Data Pipeline

Buurst Fuusion securely enables edge to cloud and cloud to edge data transfer over any network, especially high latency.

“Launching smart data migrations between AWS, Buurst and Carahsoft enables public sector organizations globally to rapidly and securely migrate data to a wide range of AWS cloud-native services for the enhanced protection of legacy data.”

Sandy Carter, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs, AWS


Take a look at our latest videos highlighting how Fuusion can help you smartly migrate data from the edge to the cloud, and find out how Fuusion overcomes less-than-optimal networks utilizing Ultrafast.  

Why Fuusion?

The explosion of data growth is putting pressure on organizations for an automated way to consolidate data from different business applications, legacy systems, social media, and other IoT devices into one common destination. Additionally, as organizations grow and move to the cloud, they need to ensure consistent data quality and data availability to perform quick data analysis for reliable business insights. 
Buurst Fuusion is a secure data pipeline connecting the edge and cloud for secure bi-directional data transfer with an emphasis on overcoming network latency issues commonly found at the edge. Fusion can aggregate disparate data from any source, securely transfer the data to another location, and then quickly transform the data into a cloud-ready format for cloud analytics.

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Connecting Edge with the Cloud

  • Ingest disparate data from multiple edges and transfer to cloud services
  • Chain of custody for data auditability as data moves through the data pipeline
Optimized performance

Optimize Network Performance

  • Transfer data over high latency networks
  • Patented reinforced learning cycle optimizes network throughput
  • Secure network acceleration regardless of network conditions 
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Leverage Cloud Services

  • Transform data into a format clouds services expects 
  • Leverage cloud services to gain insights from your data 

What is Fuusion?

Fuusion is a data pipeline that connects structured and unstructured data and transfers the data from any location to cloud services.  As data moves through the data pipeline, Fuusion can filter, route, and transform the data to format ready for cloud services.  ​If there are sub-optimal network connections, UltraFast can optimize the data transfer across the network.​ 

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Connect Data

Connect data between source and target repositories 

  • Get Data – Ingests data into the Fuusion data pipeline from a CIFS, NFS, Database, or any source repository 
  • Put Data – Write data from the Fuusion data pipeline to a target end-point
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Filter Data

Determine what data continues to flow through parts of the data pipeline  

  • Metadata Based Filtering – Filter on the metadata of the read data (i.e., file timestamp, mime type, size) 
  • Data Attribute-Based Filtering – Filter on the contents of the actual data (i.e., the data contains some word or picture)
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Route Data

Route the data in the pipeline to new or multiple directions  

  • Basic Routing – Route the data by splitting the data in multiple directions 
  • Attribute-Based Routing – Smart routing based on the attributes of the metadata or actual data contents
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Transform Data

Transform data as it flows through the data pipeline  

  • Repository Transformation – Read in file data and then write the data to a database 
  • Basic Data Transformation – Convert the actual data from a .CVS format to a JSON or XML format 
  • Add Attributes – The process of adding new attributes to the flow file
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Transfer Data

Securely transfer data between the edge and the cloud  

  • Accelerated Data Transfer –UltraFast provides acceleration of data across less-than-optimal networks 
  • Transient Network Transfers – Overcome transient network issues without requiring a large transfer to be restarted

Fuusion Use Cases

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Real-time Edge Data Processing

  • Ingest disparate data and process at the edge
  • Gain insights at the edge and in the cloud
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Transfer Data Over High Latency Networks

    • Secure network acceleration regardless of network conditions
    • Patented reinforced learning cycle optimizes network throughput
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    Data Migration for a Manual to Digital Process

    • Migrate data over any network vs using USB drives and human interaction
    • Auto distribute data to any remote location or cloud service
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    Smart Data Migration to the Cloud

    • Migrate unstructured edge data to Data Lake storage
    • Edge to Data Lakes Accelerator
    • Many to many vs point to point

    Deploy Anywhere

    Deploy on AWS, VMware, or Azure

    Turn Edge Data into Insights

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