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About Buurst support plans

Buurst is dedicated to providing efficient and superior support. There are three levels of Buurst SoftNAS support: Bronze, Silver and Gold. By default, support starts at Gold for all on-demand subscriptions of 20 TB or more on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces.

Other subscriptions start at Bronze but can be upgraded to Silver support at no extra cost through registration or  upgraded to Gold as an optional paid add-on. When you login to the StorageCenter™ UI within the product, you will be prompted to register to upgrade to either Silver support. You can always register later by clicking the “Product Registration” link in the top right corner of StorageCenter. Free Trials (first 30 days on all instances) are eligible for Silver support.

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Software UpdatesMaintenance and Feature updatesMaintenance and Feature updatesMaintenance and Feature updates
Phone SupportNot Available9am to 5pm US Central Time 1-888-801-7524, Option 424 x 7 x 365
Online SupportAccess to online knowledge baseAccess to online knowledge base and case managementAccess to online knowledge base and case management
Phone Response timeNot Available4 business hours1 hour initial response, priority queue
Web Case & Email supportNot Available9am to 5pm US Central Time, 4 business hoursPriority response
QualificationProduct subscriptionProduct registration*On-demand Marketplace subscriptions of 20TB or greater OR add-on Support contract and product registration
Support Contract/Annual Support FeeNot AvailableFree with product registration.Free with On-demand Marketplace subscriptions of 20 TB or greater. Annual support contract for other subscriptions.

* SoftNAS is eligible for Silver Support through product registration.


  • Product registration through StorageCenter UI

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