Fuusion White Paper

Bulk Transfer Optimization over High Latency Networks with UltraFast® AI/ML Technology

Data transmission over high-latency and lossy networks!

Remote locations utilize networks often challenged by latency and packet loss. The need to transfer large amounts of data to and from remote and edge locations is increasingly challenging with the growth of edge computing and IoT. The network becomes the weak link between the edge and remote locations and centralized data centers, including public and private clouds.

Download the whitepaper now and see how UltraFast’s unique approach to network optimization uses a patented combination of regularly-spaced probe packets to determine loss-zero of the network, along with reinforcement learning to adapt to each network’s unique and changing network environment conditions.

Download this white paper to learn:

Bulk Data Transfer Challenges

TCP/IP and Issues with Latency and Packet Loss

Smart Data Migration

The UltraFast Solution