Indonesian Cloud Finds Secure, Always Available Storage Offered though Buurst™

Indonesian Cloud helps its customers accelerate their time-to-market and business goals through more flexible and scalable IT offerings and deployment, minimizing IT complexity and reducing costs.


Indonesian Cloud was searching for a NAS solution for their on-premises cloud model

  • Indonesian Cloud needed a Cost-effective cloud storage
  • Support government regulations and compliance
  • Ensured the security of customer data
  • Support on-premises VMware vCloud
  • Keep data and applications highly available to meet customer SLA and uptime requirements
  • Storage for Windows and Linux clients
Indonesian Cloud

“As one of the few cloud providers in the country certified by VMware, we were looking for a solution that could work in our data centers, scale-up, and was easy to deploy and use. SoftNAS Cloud has proved to be flexible and incorporates CIFS support along with other features that allow us to focus on our core business.”

Reza Kertadjaja, Chief Operating Officer, Indonesian Cloud

Why SoftNAS

SoftNAS by Buurst Minimizes Complex IT and Reduces Long-Term Costs

  • Cloud support for vCloud, AWS and Azure
  • Storage for Apple, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Patented 5-9’s high availability uptime SLA
  • 360 data security inflight and at rest
  • Software-defined Cloud NAS filer
  • Easy to use interface


Indonesian Cloud has realized multiple benefits of using SoftNAS Cloud, including:

  • Rapid IT deployments
  • Scalable IT resources
  • Faster time to market
  • Minimized complexity
  • Reduced costs
Indonesian Cloud

“SoftNAS Cloud is a flexible application with a light footprint, which offers a CIFS and a hot spare feature rarely found with other vendors. We have been pleased with the competitive price.”

Reza Kertadjaja, Chief Operating Officer, Indonesian Cloud