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High Performance Cloud NAS

Discover the Secret Method to Optimize Your Business Cloud Storage

Unlock the Cloud NAS Advantage You Need for Your Business

SoftNAS can increase cloud storage application performance with 5x faster throughput, 3x better IOPS, and 14x less latency than other cloud storage solution. We are here to help you get the data performance you need for your cloud workloads.

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Reduce Storage Costs

Optimize your storage costs through deduplication, compression, and storage tiering.


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Improve Performance

Increase application performance without having to purchase more storage.


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Optimize Your Data

Considerations for ensuring your cloud storage strategy meets your application requirements.


The SoftNAS Performance Pricing Advantage

Standard cloud storage tools meet the basic needs of typical applications running in the cloud; however, these tools are generic and limited in their ability to meet various performance and availability requirements.

Applications and services such as high-performance SaaS solutions or VDI profile management require high IOPS and 5-9 availability as the application and data must always be accessible by customers. SoftNAS was built specifically for these customers to meet their unique performance requirements. Additionally, the growth of application usage leads to an increase in stored cloud data. SoftNAS holds storage fees in check by charging by performance, not the amount of data stored.

Cost Management

Cost Management

Optimized performance

Data Performance

Cross-zone high availability

Data Availability

data migration

Data Migration

Data control and security

Control & Security

Fast, Cost Effective, Easy Implementation

SoftNAS® provides unified storage designed and optimized for high-performance, higher than normal I/O per second (IOPS), and data reliability and recoverability. It also increases storage efficiency through thin-provisioning, compression, and deduplication.


SoftNAS Features & Benefits

SoftNAS® is available in the cloud for AWS and Azure platforms and as an on-premise solution for VMware. Each platform offers the following features and benefits:


  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Industry-standard file-sharing protocols including iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS
  • High-performance, multi-tier caching (RAM and SSD)
  • Scheduled snapshots via copy-on-write filesystem (ZFS)
  • Thin provisioning
  • Block replication through patent-pending SnapReplicate technology
  • Data integrity through built-in error detection and correction
  • Software and hardware RAID support

Save Time & Money While Increasing Efficiency

SoftNAS is a hybrid cloud data integration product, combining a software-defined, enterprise-class NAS virtual storage appliance, backups, data movement; and data integration/replication for IT to manage and control data centrally.


softnas cloud nas

Virtual Cloud NAS

SoftNAS provides enterprise-level cloud NAS featuring data performance, security, high availability (HA), and support for the industry’s most extensive set of storage protocols: NFS, CIFS/SMB-AD, and iSCSI.

SoftNAS on AWS

SoftNAS provides NAS capabilities suitable for the enterprise, including Multi-Availability Zone high availability with automatic failover in the AWS Cloud. It runs within the customer’s AWS account offers business-critical data protection required for the nonstop operation of applications, websites, and IT infrastructure on AWS.

SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS on Azure

SoftNAS designed to support a variety of market verticals, use cases, and workload types. Increasingly, SoftNAS deployed on the Azure platform to enable block and file storage services through Common Internet File System (CIFS), NFS, AFP, and iSCSI.

SoftNAS on Microsoft Azure

SoftNAS on VMware

SoftNAS supports all VMware-compatible storage media and network hardware and is compatible with all private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms. This flexibility has driven customer interest from industries that often face limited IT capital resources, ranging from small-to-medium businesses, educational institutions, government entities, media or publishing companies, and service providers.

Optimized performance

Optimized performance

Apply all the configuration variables you need to get the maximum performance for your data.

Cross-zone high availability

Cross-zone high availability

Ensure applications are running at optimal levels with cross-zone high availability to provide automatic failover capabilities and a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Cost Management

Control cloud storage costs

Automate dynamic storage tiering through block-based space optimization to drive down cloud storage costs by up to 67%​.